Proficient Is The Person Who Excels At What They Can Do

You handle life well?

So you feel quite proficient in life?

We all want to do what we do well, don't we. Who makes a point of not doing something to the best of their ability?

At times we may not feel one hundred percent or give full effort, for whatever reason but most of the time we will try our best, for that is inbuilt.

But efficiency and effectiveness takes a bit more. To be skilled we may need training and certainly will need time and lots of practice.

Experience helps. Having been somewhere before, or done something before gives us familiarity. This will give us confidence and some knowledge. This you can use to support your belief that you can do it, you can get through.

If you are able, and we all have our abilities, then it feels good to exercise this.

To be an expert or to master something takes even more still. An extra special talent or perhaps a gift. But application, dedication, determination, effort, will power will take you a long way. The 'X' factor will take you those last few steps. But being obstinate and not giving up, over time mastery of something is possible.

We can be gifted or capable, have heart and apply ourselves. We can then see real productivity and satisfaction with our efforts.

To become more takes a little bit of us to want to do more. To achieve more. Keep at it and we can become more.

All best,

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