Project Confidence - Use Your Esteem And Respect To Good Effect

What can you do to project confidence? You have a healthy self confidence level. You are doing the right things. You are maintaining a healthy self esteem and self image. You are happily 'self developing'. Your sense of worth is good. You are well motivated. You are setting goals and achieving them.

All this allows you to respect and appreciate yourself and your place in life. You can confidently tackle issues as you have healthy esteem and you are comfortable in your own skin. Your value system gives you a firm basis on which to live and act. You are motivated to live life to the full and to chase your goals. And more often than not you achieve those targets you set yourself. Life is good, and you are having a good time.

Practical steps

There are a number of things that will help project confidence successfully. Your appearance and body language are a statement of you (and your intent):

  • According to the situation dress well, comfortably for you
  • Walk tall, walk energetically - walk confidently
  • Don't be afraid to speak in meetings, at presentations or socially
  • Don't totally focus on yourself, rather think how and when you can contribute, and (included) for the benefit of others
  • Keep yourself fit; you'll be energised as well as maintain good posture; you stand tall (for you)
  • Look for the best in others and compliment them for it - don't put yourself down
  • Talk well, talk often - but make a real contribution, not just what you do, need or want
  • Be positive, enjoy the company of positive people
  • Be willing to help and contribute
  • Be grateful for your happy, enjoyable life - let that gratitude shine through

Personality and behaviour

Your personality, behavior and attitudes will affect your confidence and how you project yourself. Regardless of what is happening you, yes you, are in charge of and responsible for your attitudes and behaviour. You are disciplined and in control.

Think how you treat others. This is colored, if not decided, by how they talk, how they respond, how they act, how they come across. Actually, this is exactly what they are doing towards the people that they meet, and that includes you.

Develop a well rounded, caring, outgoing (when required) personality. Behave well. Be confident and respect yourself and others. And they will see you as the sort of person they would like to associate with, and maybe call a friend.

Be yourself

In what you do be enthusiastic. Work hard. Be cheerful and smile. Contribute, assist, and be willing to be assisted. Maintain a positive attitude. You will then be the sort of confident person others will want to work with and trust, and be around. Feel inspired and inspire others.

See the good in life

Do you have an optimistic attitude and approach to life? (Or do you have such pessimism about you that others avoid your company?) There is a positivity about you, around you that draws people and things to you. You enjoy life. You're having fun. Your self image is very healthy. You project this confident aura and other people feel that. You're nice to be around.

You have found yourself

You talk well. You talk positively. You talk confidently. You have something to say. You say it well, and with feeling. You listen attentively. You share yourself with others. Your body language and positive attitude are in synch with your manner. You are in harmony with your life.

You exude a calm, relaxed, confident persona that is trusted and admired by others. You have a healthy self respect and self image. The esteem that you hold for yourself, but also for others, is there for all to see.

You are comfortable in your own skin. You project confidence and obviously enjoy life, the things you do, the people you meet - good for you.

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