Prudent - Being Careful But Knowing When To Act

Be careful but do not take it too far

Can you be prudent? Should you be so?

It is good to be careful. To take care of yourself. For how can you do anything without putting your own house in order?

Preserve your life. Preserve your values, your principles. Keep your life in order.

Maintain your life on an even keel and in position to be able to move forward in the way you would like it too.

Be canny, be vigilant, be circumspect. Be aware of what you are doing, and how you are doing it.

Be careful not carefree.

Be sensible not irrational.

Be wise not foolish.

Be discerning not unaware.

Be cautious not fearful.

Realize that a relaxed approach can help you in life, but be willing to push yourself.

Stretch yourself if the necessity arises.

All best,

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