Rebellious Is The Person Standing Up For Their Principles

Know when to resist or rebel

Are we rebellious?

At times we can admire that in your, pre teenagers. It is a streak they will likely grow out of.

Being difficult is one thing, but may have a cure. Being defiant can put up the shackles, can make us feel under the cosh. Under the thumb, under attack. And that is not something that we tend to like.

Being resistant to change may lead to difficulties. Being disloyal will likely alienate you.

Being insubordinate but lace it with humility and self-effacing humor (directed at yourself), and you may get away with it.

Being obstinate may sometimes be appropriate. Being intractable will make you just appear difficult and obstructive.

Choose your time and place (well) and championing your course will gain you acclaim and followers. In the wrong place, you will quickly alienate yourself and find yourself on the wrong side of balance, character and integrity - and the very people you are trying to persuade.

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