Be Refined But Do Not Set Yourself Apart

Take care of your character

Are you refined?

Do you feel you are cultured and sophisticated? Do you have that sort of air about you?

Do you have a polished character? Everything down to a T?

Have you clarified where you are in life? The direction you are going? And does it have your full support?

Be discerning not thoughtless.

Be sensitive not a closed shop.

Be subtle but get your message across.

Be gracious not an arrogant irritant.

Be discriminating but act when necessary.

Be pure of heart and you will find your place in life. And life will find you of interest.

Work on your character. Work on how you live your life.

Put some effort into refining it. Just do not tinker too much or you may lose the you in you.

Just remember that you are worth it.

All best,

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