Get Satisfaction In Life And Your Dreams Have Come True

Do we want satisfaction in our life? Seems so mundane and boring, yet it has that instant appeal and attraction. There must be more to life, yes?

For in life what are we really after? Fame? Fortune? Happiness? Peace? Wealth? Early Retirement? and the list goes on . . .

And where does satisfaction rest?

What do we really want? Is that the right question? At this moment I perhaps wished I could type faster to get my thoughts down on paper as they come into my mind. But would that really make me happy, would that really fulfill me, would that pay the bills?

What is it that we really want? Perhaps it is something someone else has - a nice car, a lovely house in the country, a well paid job, no job and no money worries, to be slimmer, to be younger, to be . . . Would they bring us satisfaction?

So many wants, but is the question really - what is it we really need?

And the answer?

Is there an answer? Would it be different for each of us? Or the same or similar?

Depends how deep you go, we might say. On the surface we would all like enough money, enough time, no worries, no this, a bit of that, and so on. While this would undoubtedly help parts of our life and ease others would it really hit the spot?

At first it would. We would be swept along on the wave of money, fame, fortune, holidays, new home(s), anything we want, adoration, you name it. But would it all last? Would it really bring us satisfaction?

Look around you and answer for yourself - would it last? Or would you want more?

I feel that if, we are truthful, then the answer is yes - we would like more than that. Money and fame, etc, would not quite hit the spot on an indefinite basis.

And why? For one thing I do not think life is programmed that way. And for another, as sure as nuts are nuts or the sky is blue (won't that be nice!), we have this habit of taking our problems round with us, wherever we go.

When we go on holiday we take them. In the pub having a drink we take them. At home watching the TV we have them. They are there before us.

Money, wealth and fame, just bring us different problems, that's all.

So how can we handle this, what can we do? Get to the route cause of the problem and that is knowing ourselves, being happy with ourselves, being comfortable with ourselves, being happy in our own skin. Period.

And is that satisfaction - we need to decide . . .

And then we can view life with a different perspective. Life, we can find, has a richness and depth that we may have only touched upon in past times.

But now we want to experience more. We want to feel the satisfaction of life. We want contentment. They may not have meant too much before. They may not have seemed that important before. But now, a new beginning is dawning.

We can find pleasure in each day. We can find joy in each small moment. We can tackle our days with confidence and motivation, happy in the knowledge that something special is at work. And that we are a part of it all.

We can gather strength from the experiences and knowledge of life that we have been granted. We can forge ahead, not battling life at each point, but accepting our lot and contributing our effort, our commitment, our determination - as only we know how.

And it feels good. Life feels good. We feel good. Satisfaction is there for us to feel and to know.

Another day in which to enjoy the challenges and the experiences ahead. Another chance to be a part of such an existence. Another chance for life.

And we can accept it with open hands and with a deep felt gratitude.

The power of words . . .

I strongly feel that words have a place in our lives. As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Too gently and slowly impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this satisfaction page has this effect. If we just remember that words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

That is satisfaction guaranteed
of that we can all be agreed
it is our feeling and not by decreed
march forth there is much to exceed

With confidence enjoy life do not concede
your motivation, aspirations, don't be frenzied
be patient and all may come and feed
live your own life no need another to be copied

Be proud of who you are no need to mislead
others by trying to be something different, to be pitied
for not having the confidence of your convictions and proceed
explore life, enjoy life, be productive, keep life varied

Oh what a pleasure
to enjoy life today
life is not a cipher
so don't lose your way

What of life is the allure
can we really do it our way
is it easy or do we have to endure
tomorrow as well as today

Can I go straight to my goal no need for detour
I don't want my principles to betray
I would like real life and nothing obscure
to enjoy things and avoid any dismay

I hope my approach to life is mature
I would like my strengths and talents to display
I want to make the most of my tenure
and get stuck into life and its fray

I feel rich, satisfied, not the least bit poor
anything to the contrary is pure hearsay
life is a pleasure, no need to look for a cure
I just want to perform well and myself to outplay

Can you define fulfillment
is it life without comment
is it doing things without consent
or acting to fullest extent

enjoying life no time for lament
being honest or just well meant
giving less than one hundred percent
being positive, dispelling all torment

giving my all leaving nothing unspent
letting life help myself to augment
firm principles and values to cement
ever upwards no fear of descent

Being myself no need to prevent
things I don't like because of content
be disciplined not just hellbent
and in each moment of life to be really present

All best,

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