Self Awareness - Get To Know Yourself Better

Self awareness is one of our rights as a human being. Yet sadly in today's 21st Century life it is often far off our radar. We have so many concerns outside of ourselves that giving ourselves time to delve within does not receive sufficient attention.

So what is this all about?

What can we say about being self aware? It is to

  • be alive to the existence of our inner self and its importance
  • be alert to our inner issues
  • be conscious of ourselves and the life we have
  • realize the intelligence that is us
  • know ourselves in the way only we can
  • be mindful that there is an inner life and we need to be more aware of it
  • be wise beyond our outward knowledge and experience

Tapping into our awareness of self opens up exciting new opportunities in life.

Let us think about an iceberg - just for a moment?

What is an iceberg? It is frozen water, yet it floats. But there is more. With an iceberg there is more than 75 percent hidden beneath the waters, waiting to snare the ship. Yet it appears large on the surface, beneath holds much, much more than can at first be seen.

Let us for a moment compare ourselves with this iceberg. With us there is much hidden from view, too - though in our case this is not to snare us. On the contrary what lies within us is wondrous and alive, is a joyful and real experience. Within us is the fountain of life - for us.

Where does that leave us?

Where are we now? We are aware of an inner life and one that we should discover. We should invest in ourselves and give ourselves the time to explore ourselves. Explore our inner feelings. Explore our inner experience.

We need to explore our inner world during our daily life. At first this will be tentative. But life will throw us ways by which this can be done. People will come into our life who may well be able to help us. Situations will occur that will favor such explorations. We just need to have our sail up and ready for the winds of life to blow us along.

Self acceptance

We need to accept ourselves. We need to approve of ourselves. We need to be in contact, experience and be comfortable with our inner self. We need to let our journey of exploration happen. We need to synchronize ourselves with our inner life. Let our inner thoughts and feelings, our inner intuitions come to the fore.

We need to trust our inner selves. All of this and more will increase our self awareness. All in all it will enhance our life. Enhance both our enjoyment and our fulfillment in life.

And we need to start today - and not stop . . .

And what is it to know us?

To know ourselves is to know that

  • we are more than our name
  • we are more than our place of work
  • we are more than the people we associate with
  • we are more than the house or location we live in
  • we are so much more than these 'worldly' situations and occurrences, no matter how fulfilling they may appear

And what will we find?

What can we find within?

  • we will find an inner peace even in the eye of the storm
  • we will find that we can be calm and collected, as well as cool, when the chips are down
  • we will find that our inner selves can help direct our play, can help us by pointing out the direction our life should lead
  • we will find an inner voice that will speak to us from time to time - we may have heard it before but perhaps it may have been drowned out by the noises of life
  • we will find that inner feelings and intuitions keep us safe and sound
  • we will find that inner feelings and intuitions can help us decide what to do and how to do it

Living life from the inside out

When we become more self aware we can make a dramatic change in our way of life. Rather than letting the outer world dictate our actions, our direction, our life, we can make a real difference in our life

We can start to live our life from the inside out. Let the real inner us out to live. Let our inner life out to play.

Let ourselves trust ourselves. And how do we do that? We can trust our inner feelings, our inner thoughts, and our inner intuitions.

When we can focus more on our inner life we find subtle differences in our life.

And is it worth protecting and caring for?

In the same way that we protect our PC when we go online - we have virus protection, spam protection and the like. We also need, once we start to live life from within, to start being a little more aware

  • we need to be vigilant and guard our inner lives, our inner sanctum
  • we need to be watchful and alert to the life we have and the direction it is taking and our part within that
  • we would be wise to keep out our own marauding thoughts
  • we should stop other people trying to invade our inner sanctum
  • we need to learn to care for ourselves

Being self aware is a form of knowing - knowing ourselves?

Yes, self awareness is knowing yourself but on many levels, some deep and some shallow. We can realize that

  • we are a conscious being
  • we can be both brilliant and simple at the same time
  • we can live in the outside world and in our inner world - at the same time
  • we can be supported by our inner world

Will there be any vulnerability?

No there need not, but . . . We should be conscious that as we open up to ourselves, as we become more open in life, then there may be a slight feeling of vulnerability.

And why should we feel more sensitive? Simply because our awareness is now heightened. We are letting more in. We are becoming more aware of the different aspects of life. And with that comes strength. With that comes self knowledge. With that comes wisdom. But the other side of the coin is we just need to be mindful that we may be a little more sensitive to situations and people.

There need be nothing we cannot cope with, just we should be a little more watchful and perceptive about how we live, what we do and how different things and people can or will or may affect us.

But the rewards . . .

With greater self awareness comes many rewards and gains. We may have or be aware of

  • greater knowledge of ourselves
  • greater perception and consciousness around life's issues
  • getting to know ourselves better
  • knowing ourselves in a deeper and more meaningful way
  • seeing life in a different way - and our life may have more depth and breadth

We may observe more of life - seeing how the small elements of life come together with their own splendor and majesty.

Self awareness and us

With self awareness comes responsibility. Yes, our life is our own. But equally we have a responsibility to life, to live a good life. To give as well as take. To share as well as receive. To contribute and take an active part.If we were once a bystander with life, with self awareness we will leave this behind. Taking a healthy and positive interest in our life and the life around us will be the way we wish to live.

And life will grant us many rewards and experiences throughout our life's journey. All we need to do is to take up life's baton and give an honest account of ourselves.

Life is there - go live it.

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