Self concept - Ensure That Your Image And Identity Is Healthy

Our self concept is our self identity. It is our image. The conception of who we are - it is our idea of our self. It is our conception of self. This concept of self relates to how we think about our self, and how we understand and know our self.

Our self image is more how we see our self, whereas our self esteem is more how we feel about our self. The way we look at ourselves is important. The way we see ourselves in the world will affect what we do, how we act, how we are seen by others. We need a healthy and real concept and idea of ourselves to make the most of life.

Our concept - so this is important?

Our idea of our self - is that important to us? Our concept of our self, what do we think about that - if we think about it all?

I cannot say I have lost much sleep over my self concept. This is not to say it does NOT have its place in my life. It has a place in each of our lives. How we think about our self is important, is it not? It is influential in how we see our self and our life. It affects how we live our life. After all if we look at ourselves in a poor light that will hardly help us navigate our way through life and get the best out of ourselves.

Not on our radar . . . ?

Such an idea of self may not be on our radar. It may not capture much of our attention. That does not mean we should not nurture our self thoughts and be aware of their significance and the need to develop or cultivate a positive self concept.

Should we be positive or negative?

A positive idea of one's self is obviously good. It enables us to function well in life. We live with confidence and motivation. We feed off their energy. Our esteem is good and our image positive. We see life in a healthy, positive, realistic and productive way.

A negative self concept can be the reverse state of affairs. A poor idea of self leads to poor or low self esteem. We are not comfortable with ourselves and lack confidence. We feel insecure in life and find it hard to act and hard to activate our life and our actions in life. We can easily become a shadow of our former self. And, at the same time, perhaps wonder what has happened and how this is happening.

Developing self concept

Our thoughts and deeds are affected by our daily actions and interactions. Our beliefs and opinions about our self can seem to become a heavy weight for us. They can almost seem to take on substance of their own and, in effect, weigh us down.

This situation can develop during our upbringing. Ideas are planted, about us and our capabilities, and can be planted deep within us. Here they can lay dormant and hidden. Alas they can become difficult to affect or change or remove.

Improving concept of self?

Common sense tells us that what has been created can be molded and altered. What we create can be changed or repaired. This may take some effort on our part but can lead to changes being made. These changes accumulate and before long we have noticeable improvements. This momentum can be maintained and as it does so we can gather strength from our endeavors. We can affect our self-concept.

The aim . . .

We need to create and maintain a healthy view of self. Maintain a healthy conception of self, a healthy self concept.

We need to learn to live with confidence and our growing self esteem. We need to motivate ourselves to grow and develop, improve and expand our horizons. We need to realize our own worth.

We need to be real and see ourselves in a true light. Both good and not so good things will happen to us and around us. We need to see our way through them. How we feel about ourselves is oh so important in this our navigation through life.

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