Self Confidence Supports And Enhances Our Self Respect And Esteem

What is self confidence? Is there a definition of confidence? What can one say? How does one go about defining confidence? It is about our self esteem, how we view ourselves and how we see ourselves. It supports and boosts our self respect and gives us the confidence to define our part in life and what we need to do and accomplish.

Simply - it is a feeling that things in our life will go fine, go well. Shy and reserved are not on the radar. You are comfortable with yourself and you are enjoying your life. You respect yourself. You value yourself. You confidently live and act and contribute, and in your own way make a difference.

Into action

You are happy to act. You enjoy it. Chasing your dreams and goals. It's exciting. With your talents and discipline you are able to accomplish. Able to contribute to your own life and that of others.

More consistently confident

So you are quietly confident. But you'd like to do more with it. At times it had seemed a little elusive. Other times you've felt on top of the world. But it is getting more consistent. You're comfortable and confidently. Use your abilities. Trust yourself and believe you can achieve. You just have to go for it.

You confidently accept yourself. Your self esteem is in a very healthy state. You've learned to love yourself. Your self image a shining light - genuine and unmistakeable. You're secure in your being. In control and happy with your life.


You focus on your strengths. Your talents give you the support and your values the basis to living a fulfilling life. You are not your worst enemy. You talk up and not down. You appreciate yourself and your life. You don't need to seek the approval of others. You are happy with your own company.

You are comfortable with yourself

Your self-confidence shines through. You acknowledge yourself. You respect yourself. You have a healthy self esteem.

You honor yourself and your life. You give and receive in equal measure. You allow yourself to live the life of a confident person. This sustains you. Allows you to endure the tough times, tolerate the uncertainties of life. You admit your feelings. Approve of your strengths. You understand the basis of leading a healthy, enjoyable and productive life.

Your confident air is a great leveller. You are content with your life, while striving to get the best out of things. You focus on your achievements. Your self confidence maintains your self esteem - your life is good!

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