Being Self Conscious You May Feel Awkward But Press On Regardless - All Will Be Well

Feeling uncomfortable?

To be self conscious can be a right pain.

I am sure that most of us have felt this way - from time to time.

We need to demonstrate something or talk at a meeting or the like. However well we plan we are feeling a little nervous as the time approaches.

On occasions all is well. The nerves actually help us. They aid our progress. Vary our speech, forces the adrenalin through our system and we accomplish our task. After all we know the subject matter, just feel on the spot presenting it.

Soon it is over and forgotten - maybe until the next time.

This may not always be the case however. We stand up or start. We feel warm. The throat is dry. The palms of our hands a little damp. A fevered brow we may say.

We are nervous as our moment begins. We feel a bit flushed and all of a dither. Certainly not our normal calm self.

We start to mess up our piece. The words do not flow, or our hands shake a little. Speech and/or action do not flow like they might.

We generally feel uncomfortable and awkward and insecure. We are ill at ease - and this is an understatement.

But we slowly get through. We may stumble but do not completely fall. We feel embarrassed but then it is all over.

The moment is passed. Maybe onto another 'willing' victim.

What we need to remember is that we have all been there. No one tackles everything confidently or all of the time.

Our friends and colleagues are willing us on - in part they are glad it is not their turn - but really they are offering all the support we may need.

A case of 'feel the fear and do it anyway' mentality.

And we find that we can live through these situations. We do not blow up or anything like that.

And we can do it. Another experience in our arsenal.

All best,

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