Being Self Contented Means Being At One With Our Life

Be happy with yourself

Being self contented is a great way to be.

To be comfortable in our own skin.

To be satisfied with the life we lead. Sure we want more but we tackle life in a controlled and calm manner. And will put the effort in to reach our goals.

We are pleased with how life is turning out for us. We put the effort in but reap the rewards of so doing. The direction our life is going along matches our inner path in life.

We feel fulfilled in what we do. We have our ups and downs like the next person but overall life is good.

We recognize the pleasures of life - both within ourselves and in the outer world.

We feel at ease with our inner being. Our spirit we feel in tune with. Our mind is our friend and seldom leads us up paths which can lead to difficulty and discomfort.

We have an agreeable disposition. And this is shown in our interactions with others. We are content to be on our own but happy to be sociable and giving when the need arises.

We care about life and our fellow travelers in life. We like to contribute and give yet seek the pleasure of so doing as our reward rather than other benefit.

Though life throws things at us we feel centered and hence able to tackle life head on but in a decent, wholesome and productive way.

Our inner strength comes through and helps support our life and the contributions we make to the common good.

Life is a good experience and one we cherish.

All best,

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