Self Control - Take Charge Of Your LIfe And Make A Difference

Self control is important in our lives. A simple definition would be that we are able to live with restraint and keep our feelings under control. But is there more to self-control? Well worth a review and the answers seem quite revealing.

A positive in life

Self control is a positive in our life. We can live, we can act with confidence. We live within limits. Our values and principles give us balance and solidity. Give us firm and valuable foundations from which to base our activities and endeavors. For this is what we all need to live with confidence and authority. And controlling our self, our actions, thoughts and feelings is an important factor in achieving a solid and reliable basis on which to live our lives.

Or, without self control …

What of life without self-control? We can find it hard to grasp our life with both hands. Find it hard to forge ahead when the path of life is clear. In fact, managing our life becomes a chore. We overlook important opportunities. We feel restrained by life rather than free to choose. Held down rather than free to act, to achieve, to reach our goals and dreams. We find that we preside over a sometimes hollow life, other times a life which is short on excitement. In addition we can lack the enthusiasm and drive to change things round. Or if we do have drive, without the necessary control, this force that could make such a difference, dissipates and is lost in a succession of wasted efforts or failed attempts at consolidation.

And the remedy?

What gives us the right theatre in life to be in control? To use self control in our life. Are the acts and efforts of controlling our self in life so arduous?

No, but we must give ourselves a chance. We should not beat ourselves up, and particularly over minor transgressions or omissions. For this does not lift us, rather it knocks us down and makes it hard to claw our way back to level ground.

Self control is an aid, a bonus, a strength. Something that should be nurtured. Should be cherished. Should be encouraged. Not feared, loathed and left hidden, unused. For, as they say, what is power without control.

And our power ...

And we do have power. We all do. But have we recognised the fact? Our power - is it something that we welcome or something that we dismiss and avoid. Is it something we use for good in our life or something that rules us? Governs us. Powers us and controls us. At the heart of our being but going its own way. And is that life's way?

And our efforts to influence or to control our actions, our activities, our efforts. They go for nothing without control. Our strength, our energy, our force existing but not focused. Exertion but not being directed. There but not under our control. In fact, going this way and that.

In tune with our life

How do we get in touch with our life? How do we? How do we make the most of our life? How do we get and remain in tune with our life? How do we?

Don't try to hard is one answer. Let life unfold. Let it be. Go with it. Let it flower. Let it blossom. Let yourself discover your life. Be with it. Be at one with it. Relax and find yourself. Give yourself that opportunity. That chance. Uncover. Discover that life is on your side. That your life has your best interests at heart. That your life is there for you. It always was and always will be.

After all it has that connection to you. And you to it. Yet it is no 'it', is it? It is you. The real you. And you are it. And what a combination that makes. Self control in action.

You and self control

You and control. Control and your life. Life and your self. Self and your control. Control and you. A winning circle.

With self-control a new life opens up. One of opportunity and chances. One of experience and satisfaction. And of giving and contribution.

And the part we play …

We supply the effort. We supply the enthusiasm. We supply the energy. We supply the motivation. We supply the control. We supply the discipline. We supply the direction.

And then …

We live. We don't try to manipulate our life or others. We are reasonable and assured. We don't attempt to dominate our life or others. Our aim to keep everything under control. We are flexible in life. We are positive, and have a positive outlook. We are involved with life, and life with us. We are equal partners.

We manage our lives. We control our self. We contribute. We share. We take. But we take in proportion. We need to maintain the equilibrium. We conduct ourselves with decorum. With civility. With courage. With integrity. With dignity. With love.

We let our self control forge the way ahead for us. We join in - as equal partners. We don't just take, we contribute. We don't just think of ourselves, we think of others, too. We give thanks for all our fortune - your good fortune - we share. We communicate. We give.

And the rewards …

What can you experience? How can control benefit you? When you are comfortable with yourself, and your life is going in a good and wholesome direction, life is reassuring. Life is good. You are content. You feel composed. Your confidence is apparent. Have a first hand experience control of self. You are happy at the helm of your life. Things are under control.

Life has its own direction but you are comfortable with that. Life is cool. It is not easy but it is solid and dependable. You enjoy. You are happy with your life and your contribution.

So, let's move from control to self ...

Self as in self control. Our self, our being. Our identity. Our individuality. Our personality. Our self.

  • We can control but not be controlled
  • We can live and make a difference
  • We can enjoy life yet work hard and play hard
  • We can achieve and be grateful for it
  • We can be successful in our own very individual way and be humble at the same time

What does self control mean to us?

  • We can enjoy healthy self development
  • We can be well motivated to achieve in life
  • Our image and esteem can form the basis to support our efforts in life
  • We can feel confident and willing to grow and develop
  • Our control can help us be disciplined in life and influence our actions
  • We can be determined to set goals, achieve and manage our life in an ordered and responsible way
  • The use of our talents can be beneficial, to ourselves and others, and this warms our heart
  • Our values and principles can give us purpose and direction
  • We can be ready to support our behavior and personality with control and responsible conduct
  • Our control can lead to positive gains in all areas of our life which leads to our enjoying a very healthy sense of self worth

If we can gain control of our lives this will make a real difference, both for us and the world around us. Control allows us to conduct a life full of enjoyment, excitement and satisfaction. We will avoid outside manipulation. We will feel in charge.

But brings responsibility ...

But be aware that power with self control brings its own responsibilities. We must respect ourselves, others and the life we have, and the greater world around us. We must live with respect and dignity. And treat life in the same manner. Treat life and our good fortune with reverence. Recognize the preciousness of what we have and be grateful for our good fortune. Respect ourselves and others. Use control to help ourselves but also to contribute what we can to live itself.

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