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So much is talked and written about self development that it is quite hard to tackle it with new eyes or present new information or in a different way. I have no wish to waste your time with a regurgitation of what is available elsewhere - most of which is excellent material in its own right, with some exceptions - as we all know nothing is perfect.

How can I add anything …?

So, how can I add anything to the self development debate, self-development concepts or help you on your way in life? I am a pretty down to earth sort of person and have always enjoyed communicating with others. Many years ago now I purchased some English language books - dictionary, grammar, thesaurus, and the like - which I had only opened occasionally until recently. What has this got to do with anything you may be asking, but please bear with me.

Now they are coming into their own. Trying to express oneself on screen, on a page, when you cannot see the response of the person you 'are with', or hear their response is an interesting experience.

What can the words tell us?

Anyway these English language books have been invaluable while I have been developing these website pages. And it occurred to me recently that it might be interesting, no more than interesting, informative, to look at the words of self development (as well as self improvement, self help, personal improvement, personal development) with a view to seeing what they really do mean, and really do mean to us. And what they can mean for us.

Where does it take place?

Self-development - what does that really mean to us? Is it important? Is it something that just happens in the background, and we are not really aware of? Either it or its implications? Or, is it something which happens in front of our very eyes and we cannot fail to see? To see the effects, the repercussions, the ripples - in our own lives and the lives of those close to us.

Should we engage, get involved?

Or is self development something that we have to make a conscious effort to engage with, to get involved with. Is it really all our own affair? Or, is what we do governed by the world around us, the people we associate with, the 'environment' in which we live our lives?

So change our 'environment' - our surrounding, our life, our job, our … - change ourselves. Yes, to a point. But there is

So, the words, what can they tell us, reveal to us? And here I'll be looking at self development and trying to see the differences between what this means to us, and what self improvement, self help, personal improvement, personal development might equally mean to us.

On these web pages …

[In this part of the website I intend to focus on ALL of these areas. They are all very closely linked. In many ways they can be seen as synonymous to us. I intend to develop a page (or pages) on each area. Highlighting the closeness, but hopefully drawing out the subtle differences between them and what that can mean to us in our lives. And, because the field is so vast, giving certain examples in each area of how the development, improvement or help might assist us in our lives.]

Can we break this down?

So, self development we can break into looking at the self, and looking at development. (I realize they are very much intertwined, and I can hear you say 'and how can you separate the words to not disturb the meaning' - but please bear with me here.)

Moving onto 'the self' …

So, the self. What differentiates this from personal (as in personal development)? The self conjures up a sense of being. Our character, ego and identity. Our own individuality. Self, identity and development - all closely interwoven. Our own version of 'myself'.

The word myself is so close to home for us, as is own. Our self is our very 'own' self. And self is obviously personal, too. About our very person. So precious, special and close - for us. To include our personality and our psyche - the way we are, behave and think.

A quick resume

So self development is, as we know anyway, but looking at the words more closely just brings it even closer to home, is development of our being, our character, our identity. Our very own development. The development of us, of self. The development and of our 'person'. The development of our identity. Important stuff.

And of development - what of that?

And of the world development? What does development conjure up for us? The thought of growth. Evolution and expansion. The idea of increase and progression. Becoming more than we are. Development of our personal self.

And to develop…?

And does the word develop add anything? Is develop different to improve? To develop is to augment, to blossom, to broaden. But also to emerge, flower and generate. To grow and prosper. But equally to refine, to reveal, to uncover. And unfold, unfurl, untwist. And lets not forget, to ripen and strengthen. A powerful word that - develop.

What have we found?

So self development. What of that? What can it mean to us? For us?

  • To let our very being flower and blossom. To evolve and expand. To grow
  • To let our identity be augmented. To broaden, unfold. To uncover our true identity
  • To let our character come through. To unfurl, be ripened. Our true character to emerge
  • To let our true persona manifest. To refine it. To uncover it. To flower and blossom. To grow and prosper

How can we benefit?

And what can we develop and for our self? Which aspects of our whole can prosper?

So, a healthy attitude to self development is such an asset to us. Yet also, such a necessity. Who does not want to grow and prosper. To broaden and expand their experience of life. To see their life unfold. Untwist from the bad times. Ripen and flower forward from the good times. To emerge and manifest in a healthy, wholesome, satisfying way. To be able to explore and experience all that life has to offer.

All in all, self development can enhance our self esteem, enhance our life.

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