Self Efficacy - Believe and Achieve the Life You Want

Self efficacy is our belief that we can achieve our aims, our goals, our targets, our dreams. Believe that you are capable, believe that you are able, believe that you have the wherewithal to achieve the life you want. Life is firmly on your side. Your part in this partnership is to understand that, to know that, to realize that, to ponder that, to utilize that, to believe that. To believe that you can achieve. To believe that you can overcome. To believe that a good, wholesome, healthy life is your right. To believe and then go get it.

So, is it down to belief?

Sadly, we can be blind to our own qualities and our own abilities. Blind to our competence to live the life we wish. Blind to the fact that this life would fit us like a glove. That our potential can be realized - with some effort on our part. That we can be an effective member of our world. That we can be an efficient member of our world. To maximize our life. That we are not just adequate but that we are powerful in our own right. We just need to understand, to feel, to believe, to take this inner belief forward.

We can believe that we are human beings. We know that. We are not human belongings. While we belong in our race, WE are not the sum of our 'belongings'. We are much more. Our capabilities run deep. We need to access them. We need to look inward to find the source of our powers. To find the life within us. To live life from that. Through that with confidence. Live life to the full.

We need to believe

We need to believe in ourselves. We need to assure ourselves of our place in the world, and the life that we have. That we deserve that. That we can have that. We need to admit that we are a bone fide and 'paid up' member of life. That our qualities are our own. That our abilities are down to us. Down to our growth, or dedication, our commitment to develop. We have our own life and should be proud of that.

You can trust

We can rely upon ourselves. We can know that our self efficacy, our belief is on our side. We won't let ourselves down. We can trust ourselves to do the right thing, if we have that simple belief in life and our part within it. We can have confidence in our own abilities. We are not infallible, but then no one is. We will make mistakes, we all do. But we can and will learn from them. We can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and move forward?

This is real - not a fantasy

This is not just theory, this is our life in practice. We can succeed. We can attain. We just need to give ourselves the chance. The opportunity to try. The opportunity to succeed.

With this comes the opportunity not to succeed - the only failure is giving up, quitting on ourselves, not learning, not growing, not developing, not taking up the baton again. Otherwise we can move forward.

We can set a goal and work to achieve it. We can plan ahead and move to realize those plans. We can move towards our dreams. They draw us on - we need to focus, to realize that we can succeed. That our self-efficacy is strong.

This belief, this self efficacy that we have, is strong. It is real. It is practical. It and life is on our side. We can achieve. We need to set the compass and put the effort in. To put our sail up and move. One step at a time, but move. And that life we want is out there for us.

Belief - the activator

Belief is one of the all important first steps. But it is not a step. There is no external movement, but then the inner movement of belief is that 'step' that allows us, gives us permission, gives us the push, and reignites our motivation.

That gets us into action. That allows our confidence in ourselves to flow. That allows our esteem to boost our self, our actions, our plans, our movement, and our achievements.

Belief - that step that allows our image to come out of the shadows and into the light. To shine like it did back there in the shadows, but then and there we were (or may have been) unaware of its magnificence - our magnificence.

This belief in ourselves - our self efficacy - activates us. It is like before, that if we struggled it may have been that our battery had been put in the wrong way round. By righting itself our battery - our belief - renewed us, refreshed us, and recharged us. We have been reactivated.

A catalyst?

It is as if our self efficacy has acted like a catalyst. It lay dormant but has now sparked (again) into life. And us with it. We are charged. We feel that we can achieve. We feel that we have the capabilities. We feel that we have the wherewithal to achieve. We see it happening. We can feel it happening. We can visualize our success. We can succeed. We can attain. We can do it. We can.

Being effective?

So with belief, with self-efficacy, our performing, our performance is not in question. But will it be effective. We need to believe

  • that it will be productive
  • that it will be valid
  • that it will be capable
  • that it will be influential
  • that it will be powerful

Believe that we can be effective in our actions, in our life.

And being efficient?

So, we have the belief - our self efficacy is on our side, cheering for us, cheering us on - and we know that we can be effective. But can we be efficient? Will our actions be

  • capable
  • competent
  • economic of action or resource - us
  • organized
  • productive
  • skilful

With our belief we can be both effective and efficient. We believe that we can succeed. We know that we can attain our goals. We know that our goal will be real; it will be efficient and effective. Our goal will make a real difference in our life and the world around us. Life cheers us on to our success.

So, what is self efficacy theory?

As with most things there are ideas about our self efficacy, as with everything else under the sun. These are theories. Opinions. Ideas. Analysis of human behavior. Speculation. Surmise. Thesis. Philosophy. Conjecture. Assumption.

But self efficacy in action is real. We can achieve.

We can succeed

  • Sometimes it is a matter of belief
  • Sometimes it is a matter of motivation
  • Sometimes it is a matter of confidence
  • Sometimes it is a matter of action
  • Sometimes it is a matter of image
  • Sometimes it is a matter of control
  • Sometimes it is a matter of dedication
  • Sometimes it is a matter of determination
  • Sometimes it is a matter of commitment
  • Sometimes it is a matter of discipline
  • Sometimes it is a matter of good management
  • Sometimes ...

But our belief is up there. A shining beacon . . .

Believe and you can achieve. Support yourself. Care for yourself. Look after yourself. But always believe that you can. Know that your self efficacy will not let you down. Know that you will not let you down. And you will achieve. You will attain your goals. You will succeed.

Ensure that your goal is honorable. Ensure that your goal is beneficial for you, but also the world around you. Ensure that your aim is true. Put your heart into your efforts. Give a bit of you into your life. Put a bit of you into your goal. Your goal for a better you and a better world for all, and you can believe, you can know, you can realize your dream, your goal. Trust in your own self efficacy, in your own belief. Trust in you.

Believe now that you can.

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