Self Image Changing - See, Feel, Experience The Real You

Self image changing - feel better about yourself by working on changing your image. It's said a change is as good as a rest, or is it a cure? Be more positive by changing your view of yourself. Change that self image for the better. For you - for your life.

A tweak here

You may not feel there is much needing changing. That's great. A little tweak here and there can make all the difference. Bit like a car going in for a service. Seems fine, but afterwards it just seems to go that little bit better - just for the sake of a little work on the management system.

Are we not in charge of our management system. A little effort here and there can make all the difference to how we feel, how we think. What we do. What we accomplish. Put in that little bit of effort and reap the rewards in your own life. It is your self image changing we are talking about.


Overcome any shyness you may have. Use positive thinking to enhance your confidence. Believing you can do something is the biggest step to getting the job done. Remember that many, many people are (a little) shy. You've just got to put them in the situation where it will come out. The 'stressor' as some would say.

It does not matter if we are ordinary folk (and most of us are), or famous folk (including politicians, sports people or actors/actresses) we're all shy or self conscious in our own way. Happy and comfortable (confident) in some things. Ill at ease and uncomfortable (unconfident) in other things. This is just the norm.

At times shyness saves us from stressful or dangerous situations, by holding us back. Most of the time, however, we would be better off giving things (and ourselves) a chance and living the life we really want, and have strived for. A life of enablement and action. Putting some effort into self image changing. Not sitting on the side lines waiting for things to improve (or is that change?).

Your attitude

Change your demeanour, change your attitude. Look at things in a more positive light and that is often how they will appear. Be downcast and things will appear grey, even though they may be fine to someone else. (And vice versa).

Be aware of how much your view of yourself affects the things you do. How much the way you think about yourself will cloud your judgment, and reel in many an activity that, with a more positive outlook, would have been more than a possibility for you.

Go for it. Make the changes to your self image. Make them stick. Make them from the inside out and they will be real for you. Make them from the outside in and the house of cards may fall. Fall because the change lacks substance. Lacks foundation.

Make the changes to self image, to yourself from the inside out for long-term gain.


Changing is taking control. Being in charge. Assessing the situation. Evaluating the options. Planning ahead. Deciding what you want to go for. What is required.

Making decisions. Living with them. Benefiting from them. Being flexible, committed and persistent. Persevering. Visualizing your goal and then striving for it, and achieving it.

View your self image changing as self image development. You will then see the purpose and meaning to your effort. Always give something meaning to get the job done. It can be hard enough to get motivated without making it harder for ourselves. See the reason and the effort can flow to the goal.

Some steps

Visualise a better, improved you and make it happen.

  • Seek help when you require it.
  • Don't be bigger than your situation. Don't think you can do it all alone.
  • Be humble, seek assistance and accept it in good spirit
  • Be ready to return the favor when given the chance, wherever, whenever it is needed
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Feel that you are more worthy
  • Be honest in your self assessment
  • Evaluate things fairly
  • Plan your development campaign well
  • Appear confident, be confident
  • Smile, be happy, and strive for a better you

And you will be in good position to achieve that which you are aiming for - an improvement to your own self image.

Foot in door - be judged by own merits

With anything, and particularly change, you may well get your foot in the door, for that often is the first step. Make your effort. Make your play. Be honest with yourself and with others affected. Give of your best. See and visualize the end product. Go for it with enthusiasm and energy. Don't give up and you will achieve your goal.

When your goal is self image changes, this is of great importance to you. And with your life. You will reap the benefits of your improved view of yourself. The effort put in and the improved image built, will pave the way for an exciting and prosperous spell in your life. Your job is to keep the whole thing going. To remain motivated. To build on your confidence. To boost your self esteem. To succeed with yourself in life. Truly a good outcome and worthy of your best efforts.

Let it flow, and you flow with it

Don't jump in with your judgments of yourself and your life every five minutes. Let it flow. Let it grow. Let yourself grow and develop. Let your self image changing start a new era of your life - one where your self esteem sparkles and your life be a time of enjoyment and fulfilment.

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