Self Image Creating. Create or Reveal - That is the Question

Our own attempts?

Self image creating - create what you want? What a wonderful idea. If only it were that easy. It only it was always possible. And what is the limit of our imagination? What would we create if we really had the chance. Could it be bettered? Could it be improved? Would it be truly satisfying or a like a piece of modern art - quirky, unusual, and not entirely satisfying on the eye?

OR, what life has to offer us?

Self image creating. The way to the promised land. The way to realise the real inner you. The real you inside - the you you've always wanted.

Are you willing to step back and let it happen? Put the effort into not acting but getting out of the way. Removing yourself and letting that real you come through - one of the great lessons in life perhaps.

Let the real you come forth. For that real you is inside you all the time. Just waiting to come forth. To see the light of day. The real you that you know is there. Have dreamed of from time to time. Have felt close to but just beyond your grasp. Can you do that by yourself?

OR, leave it to the master carver?

For what are we really in essence. Are we not like the efforts of the master wood carver? (S)he who manages, as if by magic, to take a piece of wood or tree trunk and carves the most beautiful image. A beautiful, intricate, amazing and exquisite image - from the mere piece of wood that the rest of us saw when (s)he first started.

But, and this is the beautiful point, is it not the efforts of the carver to leave what was already there, rather than add his interpretation to the piece of wood to 'create' something. By which I mean that the carver

  • Does not add that which (s)he wanted to create, but rather
  • Removed all that was NOT the end product to reveal the beautiful image, that was hidden within all along

So in our own way, we should be striving to not create something (our self image) because our true self image is already there but hidden (as is the carving in the initial block of wood).

What should we do?

BUT rather, we should be striving to remove all that which is not us to reveal our very own beautiful image (which has been hidden all along within us. Just waiting patiently for the 'extra bits' to be removed to show it (that is , US) off to its (OUR) true and full advantage).

[And who is the master carver? One of the big questions in life. One for each of us to figure out in our own way, for ourselves.]

What can we do?

To be going on with, start with letting life be the master carver for you. Trust in life. It will not let you down. Enjoy life. But enjoy your experience of yourself also. In an inner and deep and meaningful way.

Let your own efforts at self image creating be honest and true. Be yourself in your efforts and let the real you come forth one little step at a time. What you become, what you see in yourself will be a thing of wonder. But it will be you. You and your self image will match. Claim your right. Claim yourself. Be yourself and enjoy the life you have and make it a fulfilling one - rise to life and realize your full potential.

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