Self Image Development - Your Chance For A Fulfilling Life

Self image development is both a simple and a complex subject. How can we build a confident, respectful picture of ourselves in today's world. The stresses, the strains. The pressures are there for all to see. By piecing together the different elements of our lives, and developing one step at a time, a healthy self image can be developed, and an enjoyable live can be pieced together.

Put the pieces together

In self image development, we need to draw together such things as

  • Our concept of our self
  • Our body image
  • Our identity
  • Our self respect
  • Our ego
  • Our self awareness

Draw these elements into a coherent, cohesive, concrete whole that we can be proud of.

In the mirror

We need to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and feel comfortable with what (and who) we see. We may not look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but we can be in general happy and comfortable with what we see. We have gotten used to it anyways. It is us. It is fine.


We need to accept ourselves as we are. We need to be able to 'walk' through life with confidence. We need to feel comfortable in our own skin. We need to be at ease with ourselves. We need to be comfortable with what we do. We need to enable us to just be ourselves. These are all elements of self image development.

Our pattern

Our feeling of comfort and competence can also depend on how others see us. What judgments they make, and how we react to them. It has been expressed that we live to a pattern. Our pattern of thought. Our pattern of life. We need to ensure that our pattern is a comfortable, respectful and productive one.

Our steps

We may need to take some active steps

  • Build ourselves up to build a healthy self image
  • Boost ourselves up to boost the positive image of ourselves
  • Assess where we are right now
  • Do we have anything dragging us down - thoughts, words, labels - perhaps as a result of our childhood, and still hanging around and about us; we need to identify them
  • Look and assess any circumstances or situations that we find troubling or dislike
  • Have a positive outlook, confront negativity, and learn to respect and love ourselves
  • Look at our life as a whole, not see it as a disjointed affair
  • View our life and see how much we have achieved and accomplished
  • Learn to smile, laugh and have fun
  • Be positive, talk positive, walk positive
  • Be our own person - unique in our own way, and individual we can be proud of
  • Be proud of what we do
  • Realize through everything that we do value ourselves
  • Realize we are a worthy person
  • See that people come in all shapes and sizes, thoughts, ideas and activities - be happy to nurture and cherish the way we are
  • Act with discipline, be in control, behave responsibly

You are in the best position to help yourself

You want to help yourself. Work on your view of yourself. Your self-image and the rest will follow. Developing your self image improves your view of yourself and your life, boosts your self esteem, enhances your life.

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