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Self Image Quotes

What follows are various self image quotes to help lighten the mode but also to offer insight and encouragement.

There are many quotes on image and quotes about image available elsewhere. Here I hope these self image quotations help you in your quest to boost your self image and/or provide a few moments of wisdom and insight into life.

I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them.

Self Image Quotations

There is a great difference between being born wise and only looking it. Publilius Syrus

Silence alone is worthy to be heard. Silence is of various depth and fertility like soil. H.D Thoreau

A man would never undertake great things, could he be amused by small. Dr Samuel Johnson

Skepticism is the beginning of faith. Oscar Wilde

Men are nearly always willing to believe what they wish. Julius Caesar

All sensible people are selfish, and nature is tugging at every contract to make the terms of it fair. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth. Irish proverb

The best mirror is an old friend. Spanish proverb

The one legged never stumble. Chinese proverb

Don't judge a horse by the harness. Proverb

From my notebooks:

The following are taken from my notebooks. They will I hope complement the quotations given above as well as reveal a little more about my life and my thinking about life.

Some are idle thoughts and comments on life and the life we lead. Others could one day be developed further into articles or reports. I feel that they are related to the 'self image quotes' theme.

Self image quotes - from my notebooks

Look after yourself, there is only one you. One life, make the most of it.

Do you feel a misfit? Who or what makes you feel that.

Beauty hides a multitude of sins, but underneath we are all the same.

But 'that' does NOT make them better than you or me. Better - as in more important. We're all important.

Want to be someone else. Be careful what you ask. Are you being harassed or bullied? Know and have faith in yourself. But don't feel afraid to seek help or assistance.

Only you know 'your world'.

A smile offers comfort and a sense of good cheer. It can offer or be a sign of friendship. It can start or help continue shared communication. It can gladden the heart of both the receiver and the giver.

Experience the wonder of you, the beauty of you. Experience your essence. Experience the miracle that is life. That is within you. Let that feeling grow, bathe in that. Let it be - let you be. Be.Neglect of your own well-being. All those years spent wondering. Stop listening to promises and act to carve out a new life.

Nobody is ugly to their mothers or so the saying goes. And it's time we are all beautiful within, irrespective of our outward appearance. Beauty is only skin deep. And yet the real beauty is definitely within.

We all get older and less able, agile and the rest. And less attractive, on the surface anyway. Or, is it the same magnetism only a little bit different.

Don't forget you are human with a human's frailties, but also with a human's abilities, energy and sense of purpose.

Crisis of identity? Know who you are. What you stand for. What motivates you? What gives you direction?

Be honest. Own up to your actions. Be proud. Do your best. Be willing to say it was me. Be respected for it.

The joy of you . . .

Kick into touch all feelings of self destruction, self pity - and then life and your 'luck' can change.

Be strong. Be someone to be relied upon.

Authenticity. We always want the real thing, but does that extend to ourselves? Do we always give of our best effort, our real thing?

I hope you have enjoyed this 'self image quotes' page, and enjoy the rest of the website. Martin

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