Self Motivation Development - you win all round

Self motivation development - what a concept! Self motivation and self development are closely linked. Motivation without development can grind to a halt. While development without motivation is a non-starter. Another Catch-22 scenario?

Motivation and/or development?

Most of the time motivation is to achieve something. Self motivation development. Achievable, yes. But a dream or goal? Always an external objective? An external prize? Yet, what about us? Our very selves?

We all need (internal) self motivation development. Self development. And for that we need to be motivated. We need to be positive and have a positive attitude. We need confidence, a good self image and healthy self esteem. We need the discipline to put our efforts and motivation to good use.

We need a plan. A development plan to utilize our motivation. Our sense of self worth to propel us to personal growth and enhance our self motivation development. And that will complete our circle of action.

Time off? Getting started again …

Are you allowed time off? Of course you are. We all need rest and relaxation. And away from the center of action. How to get started again?

  • Pick out a small task and complete that
  • Dream that big dream
  • Get busy. Get active. But focused on your goal (not all over the place - like a released balloon as it expends its air in a crazy loop the loop around your living room!)
  • Do the best you can
  • Take ownership of your project. You are the owner
  • Realize it is impossible to fail - you can stop, be blown off course, meet hurdles - but not fail
  • Write down your goal - seeing it on paper makes it more real

Doing something will help. You'll feel good. After all you're helping your real project - YOU.

How to keep up?

So how are you going to keep going with your project, through thick and thin? You are going to act with discipline and control. Work effectively and efficiently. Prioritize. Reward yourself for achieving tasks on schedule. Some tips to keep you motivated and avoid procrastination:

  • Break your tasks into smaller steps
  • Keep going, do a good job - avoid going for perfection
  • Maintain your energy levels
  • Set attainable tasks
  • Maintain your excitement
  • Take time off when required - it is not a race
  • Understand your life is special and utilize your windows of opportunity
  • Be curious
  • Keep your focus

Realize (and maintain) that you are working on your greatest task - developing yourself. In order to realize your true potential in life.

Personal growth

A key point on your journey of self improvement is making the most of your personal growth. What greater mission can you take part in? What greater motivation is there in life? Put your own house in order. The you can stand proud in life with healthy self respect and self esteem.

This enables you to share and contribute to life and the world around you. To fulfil your potential. To enjoy your life.

And perhaps your greatest development - to find meaning and purpose in your life.

An adventure

Your journey will be an exciting adventure. Smooth at times. Up and down other times. There will be obstacles. There will be hurdles. But your goal motivates you. Be persistent. Be committed.

Know your goal is honest and true and supports your value system. You will overcome. You will achieve.

Realize that life is on your side in your journey of self development.


You can be a success. You can have a successful and fulfilling life. What do you need to do?

Get motivated. Utilize your self motivation to enhance your self development, which enhances your self esteem which will enhance your life.

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