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Self Motivation Quotes

What follows are various self motivation quotes to help lighten the mode but also to offer insight and encouragement.

There are many quotes on motivation and quotes about motivation available elsewhere. Here I hope these self motivation quotations help you in your quest to boost your self motivation and/or provide a few moments of wisdom and insight into life.

I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them.

Self Motivation Quotations

The only victories, which leave no regret, are those over ignorance. Napoleon Bonaparte

Uncertainty is the refuge of hope. Henri-Frederic Amiel

Each man the architect of his own fate. Appius Caecus

One is never as fortunate or as unfortunate as one imagines. Duc de La Rochefoucauld

Necessity never made a good bargain. North American proverb

Trouble rides a fast horse. Italian proverb

There is plenty of sound in an empty barrel. Russian proverb

From my notebooks:

The following are taken from my notebooks. They will I hope complement the quotations given above as well as reveal a little more about my life and my thinking about life.

Some are idle thoughts and comments on life and the life we lead. Others could one day be developed further into articles or reports. I feel that they are related to the 'self motivation quotes' theme.

Self motivational quotes - from my notebooks

Put your sail up and the winds of life will ease you along.

Fortune favours the brave. You make your own good fortune or luck.

Seize the chance or the moment as it arrives. Don't live with regrets.

Fight for things important to you. Don't just give in. Don't just do things for the sake of it. Have purpose. Have direction. Have faith. Have belief.

Are we programmed and conditioned by life. In many ways we are. Following protocols. Sometimes we have to step out from behind our supports and live our lives.

You wouldn't drive with your brake on - why live holding back, not going for it. Find out what concerns you. Tackle it and move on.

I may try means nothing. I will means sometime in the future. I am doing is I've grasped the nettle and am running with it.

Misquoted, misrepresented, misread, missed, missile. Why miss at all?

What is our focus? Us or others. External or internal? Physical or of the spirit? Material or ethereal? Money and things, material or nature, people or things. Let us decide what is important in our lives and go for that.

Live with determination, drive and show off your qualities. Stretch to meet challenges. Take setbacks with the same aplomb as successes, but learn from both and strive to be the best you can be.

Out of options? Keep hope - you are rarely (never) out of options. There are always things to try. Dialogue and option walks in.

Don't blame others for the state of your own life. Neither blame yourself. Be aware of the part you have played in being where you are but blaming yourself can only lead to a debilitating spiral. And this will inhibit growth or action on your part.

Try something new, push the boat out, see what you can do - you may surprise yourself.

Life is on your side, it really is, it's not out to get you - honest! The spark of life within you does not take sides, it just is. Your job is to experience it, make the most of it.

I hope you have enjoyed this 'self motivation quotes' page, and enjoy the rest of the website. Martin

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