Self Reliance - Rely Upon Yourself In LIfe

Self reliance is a boon and a skill, a need and a necessity, a challenge and a benefit. Healthy self-reliance is another key to a gratifying and productive life. A life free of some of the constraints that could pin us down, a life free to explore and discover all that is available to us (if we choose to go for it).

What is self reliance?

Self-reliance is our chance to take the reins of our life and lead from the front. Scary at first, taking over the controls of our life gives us real opportunities to expand our horizons, to explore the life we live. To give us the chance to discover more about our life and ourselves than if we are led through life by circumstance or others.

Being self reliant gives us great freedom. And this experience opens our eyes to new possibilities, to new prospects, to new options. A refreshing change which gives us the chance to look at life anew. And see and feel the excitement of life in action, and in our own lives.

Being self reliant, is to be . . . ?

To rely on yourself gives great satisfaction. If dealt with honestly and with intelligence it can open up a new era in our lives.

  • To make our own decisions
  • To seek advice and support, but to decide for ourselves
  • To be confident enough to depend on ourselves grants us a lightness to our life
  • To be dependent on yourself brings added pressures and challenges, but these, when met, open up new doors and new paths, and an exciting future

We can look back with pride that we stood on our own two feet. Others may have sought outside help and guidance, mirroring what we may have done too, but we made the important decisions ourselves - we did not wait for others to make them for us.

Consequences . . ?

Ok, we have to live with the consequences of our actions, but that is always the case. With independent thought and action we can feel good that we have met life's challenges head on. We have fought a good fight when the need arose, dug in when we needed to, and kept on going when times got a little rough.

But now the sun is out, we are bathing in its warmth, enjoying our relaxation in the knowledge that we are where we are now because of our own actions, our own resolve, our own competent and determined activities.

But there are constraints, aren't there?

Self reliance, in essence relying on yourself, has its doubters. Many think this may be a step too far. Why should we be self reliant, some may ask? When others can help us, why do things more on your own?

And the answer - we need not remove ourselves from contact with others. That is not what self-reliance is all about. Rather we depend on ourselves for our own support and sustenance. But let us be clear. We don't have to grow our own food. We don't have to perform all of life's necessities ourselves. We don't have to do those things to feel and be self reliant.

All in the mind?

Rather self reliance is a state of mind. A way of living where we, more often than not, deciding things for ourselves. We have a positive outlook and live a positive life. We don't shun others nor do we not accept (good) advice, but equally, we do not seek it when we are perfectly capable of making our own mind up and moving forward ourselves.

Why be reluctant?

We need not live a reluctant life. A life where we avoid decisions, avoid choices, avoid opportunities - avoid them for fear of the outcome. For fear of the stresses involved. For fear we might make the wrong decision. For we all do make the wrong decision(s) from time to time. It is inevitable. But the more practice we have the better we get at deciding ourselves and making good decisions.

The more we understand ourselves and what we want to do, the better off we are. But more than that, we understand ourselves and understand better those things we should be doing. Those things that will lead our lives in the directions and ways that will challenge us, that will meet us head on. But we should remember here that it these very 'confrontational' situations where we grow and experience more. (For when all is easy and all too simple, what do we really learn or experience?)

Be independent

We don't have to cling to old rules, left behind sentiments, other people's dictates. We can choose our own way. We can be independent in thought, word and deed. We can live life on the front line. We can experience the max, the maximum for us. And we can sit back at night and relax in the knowledge that we had done our very best that day to explore, to discover, to experience our life.

Giving something back

And we have contributed back to life in equal measure. For this is another pre-requisite of self reliance. That one should - some would say must - give before taking. Contribute before receiving. Relying on yourself puts you in prime position to practice this sentiment - to give as good as you get.

But be aware . . .

And you don't have to live the life of an arrogant self sufficient. For this does not engender us to either ourselves, as we may start to loathe our behavior and actions, or others who will tend to migrate away from us when they discover our self interested, egotistical and self seeking attitudes to life and/or people.

This demeanor is not one that a seeker and traveler in life really wants to explore. It does not aid our growth. It does not help place us in society. It hinders our achievements as we think either that everything should be ours or we strive for accomplishment at the cost of friends, family (and ourselves) in a remorseless pursuit of self gratification. This type of situation is best to be avoided.

These past paragraphs have explored some of the areas to be avoided when exploring self reliance. But what are the real advantages?

The benefits of self reliance and independence

We know that

  • we can be satisfied that our efforts have been of our best
  • we are dependable and won't let ourselves or others down
  • we can be confided in - we trust ourselves and treat and interact with them to the same high standards
  • others can trust us to be there for them - just as we are there for us, too
  • there is nothing provisional about our attitude and behavior, it is straightforward, supportive and acceptable
  • we can feel liberated by our active and positive outlook to life
  • our self supporting role is doing us the world of good
  • our independence is not leaving life to chance
  • we are less susceptible to the vagaries of life
  • by being willing to tackle life's challenges we are accepting our life on its terms
  • by protecting ourselves we can lead a more constant, secure and stable life

We find that healthy self reliance can greatly aid our passage through life, and also our experience of it.

Remove the middle man

By cutting out the 'middle man', we can a lot of the time decide our life for ourselves. We are really contributing to life and showing others the way that life can really be lived. Lived with confidence. Lived with acceptance of ourselves. Lived with greater awareness of ourselves and our capabilities. With our commitment and determination much can be achieved.

Follow your convictions

We learn that by having the courage of our convictions we can stride forward in life, and into life. No blinkers necessary for us. We can utilize our self discipline to forge ahead, supported by our own efforts. Forge ahead to live a live full of esteem. A live full of experience and accomplishment. A live full of excitement and enjoyment. Self reliance is our passport to a bright new life. A life full on wonders and magic, enjoyment and contentment. A live full of all the things a productive life should have.

We can all learn to live a life where we rely more and more on our own capabilities. With honest self reliance you can put the effort in, be honest with yourself and all that life has to offer you will be there for you. Be willing to accept the challenge.

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