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Self Respect Quotes

What follows are various self respect quotes to help lighten the mode but also to offer insight and encouragement.

There are many quotes on respect and quotes about respect available elsewhere. Here I hope these self respect quotations help you in your quest to boost your self respect and/or provide a few moments of wisdom and insight into life.

I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them.

Self Respect Quotations

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words. Elbert Hubbard

I prefer a saint with faults to a sinner with none. Charles Peguy

One should never listen. To listen is a sign of indifference to one's hearers. Oscar Wilde

You want to talk to someone; first open your ears. Joseph Joubert

Few are fit to be entrusted with themselves. Dr Thomas Fuller

We are rarely proud when we are alone. Voltaire

We give others praise which we ourselves don't believe, as long as they respond with praise we can believe. Jean Rostand

We have power over nothing except our will. Michel de Montaigne

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. Steve Bilko

A man may be so much of everything, that he is nothing of everything. Dr Samuel Johnson

It's great to be great but it's greater to be human. Will Rogers

Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus

From my notebooks:

The following are taken from my notebooks. They will I hope complement the quotations given above as well as reveal a little more about my life and my thinking about life.

Some are idle thoughts and comments on life and the life we lead. Others could one day be developed further into articles or reports. I feel that they are related to this theme.

Self respect quotes - from my notebooks

You are where you are because of what you've done. And you will be the person you become because of what you do.

Who are you trying to kid?

Be free spirited, be independent, be proud of who you are.

It's good to be back.

Don't ask life how much it is going to cost, but rather ask how much you can contribute to life. Your reward (in life) is then assured.

Be a person who does not waver or stand still for the passage of time. Be aware. Be active. Be proud to be yourself.

Strive to be the real you at all times. What do you have to lose? And realize all that you have to gain.

You have to follow your nose, follow your instincts, and decide for yourself. Decide what's good for you.

Respect yourself - no one can do that for you.

Respect others and they will respect you.

Be sure to give your respect some effort - it will be worth it.

I hope you have enjoyed this 'self respect quotes' page, and enjoy the rest of the website. Martin

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