Self Respect - Affirming Our Self Worth Is Respecting Ourselves Day To Day

Self respect is so important in our daily life. Respecting and affirming our worth goes a long way to getting your self the respect you deserve. Respecting ourselves gives us the opportunity to reach our full potential in life and achieve our dreams and goals.

Not feeling comfortable about our self, for whatever reason, can lead to difficulties in many areas of life. Showing and affirming our self-respect is one of the basic requirements in life. It allows us to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Lack of self respect . . .

What areas of life might be affected by us not giving ourselves respect?

All in all, but depending upon the depth of our lack of self respect, not a rosy picture.

If we don't respect our self how will others respect us?

The net result of not respecting ourselves is that others may not treat us with due respect also. Many people will treat us fairly and reasonably, but others may use our (temporary) situation to our disadvantage. We again need to recognize what is happening and start to break the cycle.

And what is our right - our right to respect ourselves?

The Promised Land and our right to self respect is close at hand. I feel it is the right of every human being to respect themselves and be respected by others. And what will we experience when we do?

  • we will feel comfortable with our self
  • we will feel comfortable when we are with others
  • we will enjoy our life
  • we will enjoy the company of others
  • we will see that life is working for us (and not against us)
  • we will feel comfortable in our own skin
  • we will start to set goals and achieve them
  • we will gain in confidence and motivation
  • we will feel our life is on an upward trend
  • we will start to push our boat out into the waters of life
  • we will . . .

Live the life . . .

And live the life that is ours. Enjoy the challenges. Raise our game. Enjoy our efforts. Strive for more. All on our road to fulfill our potential, backed up all the way by the healthy regard we have for ourselves. And our healthy, strong and vibrant self respect.

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