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Self Worth Quotes

What follows are various self worth quotes to help lighten the mode but also to offer insight and encouragement.

There are many quotes on worth and quotes about worth available elsewhere. Here I hope these self worth quotations help you in your quest to boost your self worth and/or provide a few moments of wisdom and insight into life.

I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them.

Self Worth Quotations

The ego is not master in its own house. Sigmund Freud

Being right is less important to us than the freedom to be wrong. Jean Rostand

The poor lack much, the greedy everything. Publilius Syrus

People don't resent having nothing nearly as much as too little. Ivy Crompton-Burnett

I admire answers to which no answers can be made. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The more things a man is ashamed of, the more respectable he is. George Bernard Shaw

We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand. C. Day Lewis

One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other. Jane Austen

There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it. George Bernard Shaw

We never know the worth of water until the well is dry. Thomas Fuller

The value of a man can only be measured with regard to other men. Nietzsche

A man who doesn't trust himself can never really trust anyone else. Cardinal de Retz

Confidence is the only bond of friendship. Publilius Syrus

From my notebooks:

The following are taken from my notebooks. They will I hope complement the quotations given above as well as reveal a little more about my life and my thinking about life.

Some are idle thoughts and comments on life and the life we lead. Others could one day be developed further into articles or reports. I feel that they are related to the 'self worth quotes' theme.

Self worth quotes - from my notebooks

In life there are choices poor and wise. Make your choices in a humble and well-considered manner.

Don't be deceitful. You run the risk of not only fooling others but yourself at the same time.

If your treatment by others leaves something to be desired - remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Get a balance in your life and life, and the things in your life, will have their own and right perspective.

Do you feel your whole life has been about surviving? What has not been easy? What wonders and travails you have experienced first hand. The stories you could tell. Let your experience and the wisdom and knowledge gained help support your future ventures.

Every reaction of the defeated was useful knowledge for future battles.

Life's aim is not to humble, to shrink or reduce those experiencing it - but rather to uplift, to lend insight and show beauty to all who passes through. To show each one due consideration and the importance of the passage that we all undertake.

To find something new. Inner strength. Find yourself. Find the inner you.

Believe you are worthy and you are.

I hope you have enjoyed this 'self worth quotes' page, and enjoy the rest of the website. Martin

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