Simple Happiness Brings A Smile To Your Face And A Warm Feeling In Your Heart

Simple happiness. Delivering happiness in your life is (should be) one of your goals. Pursuing happiness can be an everyday affair. Finding a shortcut to happiness warms the heart of all of us.

We all know what makes us happy. We all know what makes us sad. And we all know which we prefer. Building self esteem and increasing self confidence is all part of creating the personal environment in which we can shine and be happy with thought and action.

Shortcut to happiness

What is happiness?

Being in love. Having a nice house. Having a lovely wife and family. Being good at my job.

Being a great sportsman/woman. Being able to paint well.

Does money buy happiness? Most of us know that it does not (though it does support a better standard of outer living).

Being a good communicator. Helping others.

Supporting others in life.

Getting what I want?

Happiness is easy, some would say. But that is not the experience of most people. There are no real short cuts to happiness. But one step we can make is to choose happiness. To take the steps to happiness now. Right now. Not tomorrow, but right now.

We have to work hard in life and take the rough with the smooth. But if we do we will be setting the seeds, sowing the foundations of leading a happy, productive and satisfying existence.

Pursuing happiness

Simple happiness.

What makes us feel good? A milk shake, a good movie. Sex, drugs or rock and roll - as the expression says.

What do we really want? What would really make us feel content and satisfied with life?

To be at one with ourselves. To be comfortable with ourselves. To be at home in our own skin.

On the outside what can we do -
  • Contribute more, give more of ourselves
  • Find our niche in life and give our energies in that direction
  • Really want to make a (small or big) mark in life
  • Finding our own your path in life - the one only we can take
  • Dedicating your life and devoting your time to life
Finding and doing what only you can do.

Delivering happiness

And the greatest happiness principle? What might that be? That simple happiness can be yours to experience. Not to twist round your little finger, but to experience and enjoy.

Simple happiness.

But more important is what we can do within ourselves. Movement needs to happen within. That is where the real experience of life emanates from. And we can experience that source - but only if we really want to. We can discover and uncover if we really have that desire.

At the end of the day a simple rule of life seems to be this - when we are ready, when we really want to know ourselves, when we are humble enough and ripe within ourselves - at that time life will give us the opportunity to take another step.

Take another step towards finding ourselves within. Finding esteem and confidence in ourselves. Finding joy, contentment, satisfaction, within. Finding happiness and wisdom in our life.

Happiness and motivation can be ours. Happiness is you. We cannot rush it, but it will happen. If that is what we truly and humbly desire.

I hope that you found this article useful. Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

All best,

Martin W
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