Being Skeptical Of All Things Will Lead Nowhere But Confusion And Inactivity

Try to be more trusting . . .

Are you skeptical, or do you believe everything people tell you?

Is that good for you? Does that sustain your days?

Having your own principles and value system must be a good thing, provided it is not taken too far.

We need to come to an accepting state with our surroundings and ourselves if we are to have the life we would like. And one we can be happy with.

Equally while it is fine to question things, take this too far and again we are making a rod for our own backs.

We cannot understand everything. We cannot feel at home everywhere. Life is just not that way.

But if we come to an arrangement with ourselves. Explore and find ourselves in life then we can really enjoy this life we have.

We can have a healthy, questioning outlook on life while at the same time accepting our situation and making the most of things.

Moderation in all things, so some would say. And being too questioning is perhaps no different than the rest of the activities that we can devote our time and efforts to.

Learn to trust and respect yourself, you will then know what you don't quite agree with - and often why you feel that way.

All best,

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