Being Spirited Is An Honor - Use It Well

Be at one with your life

Being spirited is a great honor. To feel the energy of life and to be enthused, what a life! What a feeling.

What can we not do with this energy, this life? What can we see and understand, do and appreciate, feel and enjoy? And all on our own unique path through life.

At times we awake to what life really has to offer us. Life itself seems animated, somehow sparkling and more real.

The game of life has many shades and colors, flavors and sounds, but at times these seem even more special. More inviting and welcoming.

We know when we are being high octane, but this is more. We know when life is exciting but this adds to that experience.

The tempo of life is real and strong. Its richness is captivating. We have to be careful lest we lose ourselves in the colors and the sounds, the richness and variety of life - and just in front of our eyes.

We are confident and courageous and willing to try new things. We are motivated and feel that nothing is now impossible.

Life has a freshness about it. Breath comes in like a cool, dry and soothing wind. We are invigorated by the experience.

We just want more and more of this experience.

If being full of life means this then we will sign up for more and more.

All best,

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