Let Prose Put Stress In Its Rightful Place

Stress can be a part of our everyday life. With it comes tension and pressures and other emotions to cope with. These add anxiety and further burdens to otherwise pressurized lives. We need to quickly put 'our' stresses in their place. To put things into perspective for ourselves we will question and ponder, think and reassess - what we do, who we are, our tensions and anxieties, ourselves. At times like these words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

The power of words . . .

As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let the words quietly be spoken to us in there own sweet way. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Ready for us to assimilate and take on board. If we let them filter through and allow the words their power to move and rejuvenate. If we let ourselves be uplifted and filled with their sometimes hidden insights. Too gently and slowly to impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope this example will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

Stress - who actually likes it?
Though many would not admit the hit
or to falling prey to its clutches
nor the way it deftly touches

Our lives and leaves us feeling bruised
also a little vulnerable and a mite abused
on our knees and waiting for some sweet relief
and its absence and the removal of any surrounding grief.

Stress is such a small but meaningful word
it can render our emotions and feelings to be uncovered
the pressure, the tension, the burdens and the real anxiety
it lays bare in us as it gets intimate and cozy

And close, and we may feel somewhat invaded
our confidence, our esteem, they seem to have bolted
away and away to linger on some far off shore
can we retrieve them and hence manage to restore

Some semblance of normality and a breathing space
and a chance to consider and firmly replace
the tension in our lives with a feeling less pressing,
a feeling and atmosphere much more satisfying.

Anxiety has this way of emphasizing life's strains
it certainly affects us, acknowledgement that takes no brains,
rather we need recognize the warnings and plan ahead,
peace and harmony we need to find in its good stead.

Burdens bring their own worry and fair share of tension
the burdens and anxiety we need use as a beacon
to help show us the way and help us to seek assistance
the trauma and oppression inside we need to quickly balance

Our life with good thoughts and happy feelings, to be refreshed
and not lost in concerns and worries, to feel so enmeshed
that we cannot see the wood for the trees nor again see the light
of happier times and relaxation nor benefit from any insight

That should enter our consciousness from colleague or friend
and filter through, raise our spirits, with a solid upward trend
that helps to resolve any loss or misplaced harmony
restoring within us our strengths and energy, and sense of beauty.

For we may call them stresses and strains
they can hurt us and sometimes be the cause of migraines
for real they are and not a figment of anyone's imagination
all we should do is treat them with some caution

And be wary of their qualities and their strength
to place pressures upon us on its own wavelength
under our radar and deep within inside
these stresses and strains we can really try to hide

Hidden within and away from our own awareness
their affects upon us alas not baseless
they can creep and crawl and try to subdue
us and try to avoid our efforts at any breakthrough

But we must continue, recognize and refrain
from giving them energy nor should we them easily name
whereby we create something from nothing for these our stress
for we need confront them and to take full redress

And continue with our lives and find energy anew
keep the tensions at bay and our life not askew,
finding strength within us and from this life its good grace
to fend off all comers and leave without trace.

Anxiety, when known, who actually relishes it?
Who would not look us in the eye and admit
to preferring in life to feel truly blessed,
when stress takes a hike and leaves us untouched.

All best,

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