Strong Minded - You Go After What You Want, But Not At The Expense Of Others

You know your own mind

Are you strong minded? You know what you are doing and do it with confidence?

You are determined. You know what you want and you keep going forward.

You are tough but not aggressive. You are willing to fight for the things that mean something to you. You take your responsibilities seriously.

You are courageous in that you do not mind going against the throng, against the pack. You will go your way, do your own thing - when you feel the need.

You help support others when the need arises. You may be strong willed but that does not mean that you are not sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.

You can be feisty yet resilient, forceful yet forgiving, tenacious and energized by you path and your direction in life.

You do not mind being assertive but have a good heart. You have been and seen the selfish side of a strong will and now do not want to follow that path in life.

You want to be a force for good.

All best,

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