Talents Are Your Gifts From The Heavens

Our talents make us what we are, or is it that our strengths and skills are what we make of them? Whichever way it is they are a part of us. Some developed and known, others on the drawing board ready to grow, yet others remain hidden. Some come out to shine at rare times, others seem our constant companion and a part of our everyday life.

At times we need to get our head around our abilities and how we can best use them. We need to quickly put 'our' aptitudes in their place. To put things into perspective for ourselves we will question and ponder, think and reassess - what we do, who we are, our tensions and anxieties, ourselves. And how we do things and whether we can improve and develop - as surely we all can. At times like these words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

The power of words . . .

As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let the words quietly be spoken to us in there own sweet way. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Ready for us to assimilate and take on board. If we let them filter through and allow the words their power to move and rejuvenate. If we let ourselves be uplifted and filled with their sometimes hidden insights. Let them gently and slowly impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope this example will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

Do we make the most of our talents?
Using these strengths give us moments
That show us the life we have before us
Which is special and the work of genius

For what else even comes close
To what we have in our hands
Our breath comes in and it echoes
The preciousness of life which commands

Respect and a sense of order
Contentment rules and we become calmer
And more comfortable, and more at home
Our book of life would be a rare tome

Which would have some interesting moments
Use of our skills, power and gifts
That if we can avoid the judgments
We will experience in our life some upshifts

Away from the mundane and the boring
If we use all of our aptitude and knack
Our forte, flair, skills, are our calling
To not just take but to give something back.


Do we have the capacity
Or do we have the facility
To show off our talents and strengths
Will we go to any lengths

To make the most of this life
We can cut our butter with a knife
But better would be to use things wisely
Which would show off our flair nice and boldly

For why hide our talents under a bushel
When they are needed by life, by the bundle
To enable us all to be productive
Our expertise we donate without motive

For it is better to give than to take
It is better to be real than to fake
One's abilities are really gifts to us
From life, our contributions guarantee our success.

All best,

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