'Thinking For A Change' Brings Home To You The Importance Of Life And Living It To The Full

'Thinking for a change' is important for the way you feel is the way you think. Use open thinking as selective thinking can leave useful stones unturned. The power of positive thinking allows you to conceive more, act more, achieve more.

Think about what you do in life. It is good to think about how you decide what to do. It will help you make better decisions. It will help you to overcome thinking hurdles such as overuse of open thinking. Or the overuse of selective thinking or merely relying on random thinking.

To get what you want and need in life you have to be specific. You have to feel it in order to achieve it. You have to taste it, to know that it can be yours. Then put in the effort (and effort means hard work) and then you can achieve much more in life and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Steps to positive thinking

When 'thinking for a change' we all would like to use positive thinking so why does it (at times) appear to be do difficult?

We want to do something.

Think about the process.

How do we make a decision? How do we decide to do something? And X rather than Y?

Thoughts come in - possibilities, opportunities and chances of action.

A mish-mash here and there sort of thing, unless you are the exception and find thinking with clarity a doddle!

Assessment time. Evaluate those thoughts.

Which are useful? Which are redundant or not relevant with our chosen course of action? Which ones help and which hinder?

Which thought put together could resolve your situation?

We like some thoughts and progress with them. We may feel we know what to do. We are happy with our chosen direction and stick with that.

Positive thinking can just be constructive and productive thinking. It can be satisfying and fulfilling. It can achieve your goal or objective.

Don't fall for negative thinking. Where hurdles become monsters. Obstacles become over inflated and opportunities turn to dust as you prevaricate or procrastinate in your selected action(s).

Taking steps to positive thinking definitely can change your day if not your life.

Open thinking

In 'thinking for a change' other factors come to light. We go back and have another look.

Be open to new ideas, to open thinking. Take the blinkers off. Don't get lost in any one direction.

See things with new or fresh eyes. From a new or different perspective.

Compare and contrast. Don't take things at face value. Question. Analyse. Think. Feel.

Go deeper. Find out more. Feel your way through. Know that feelings and intuition can lead your journey through life.

Trust yourself. Respect yourself. Boost your self esteem. Believe in yourself. Accept yourself.

Feel recharged and rejuvenated for that is what open thinking can do for you.

Selective thinking or random thinking

In 'thinking for a change' we may do the first thing that we thought of. We are very selective about our thinking. Not focused and concentrated on the solution but taking a thinking cul-de-sac. And at times, selected seemingly at random.

In this we seem to grasp thoughts or ideas out of the ethers. They may bear strong or little relation to the task(s) at hand. But they somehow captivate us and cajole us and mesmerize us into taking a certain direction.

Or perhaps, at the eleventh hour, a stray thought comes in. It seems to hold water, be useful to our cause. Then with little thought we move in this direction - making nonsense of our earlier and prolonged thought processes. Our analysis ignores examination of the different possibilities and their rightful evaluation.

Once made we then realize the flaw of our decided direction. If only we had given ourselves the time to see this earlier. It seems so obvious now. If only we had had a little more time, a little more patience.

The benefits of positive thinking

In 'thinking for a change' other thinking methods can be considered or should they be best avoided?
  • black and white thinking - seeing no grey areas gives a harsh view of the world
  • irrational thinking - best avoided but we can get lost and this can be what happens if we lose a wholesome view of our reality
  • thinking mathematically - or thinking scientifically is fine if you are that way inclined, but a bit of feeling helps to give perspective and depth to what
  • illogical thinking - is a hard one for one may not see the error of our ways
  • literal thinking - sees the world up close, but is a bit like black and white thinking
  • deductive thinking - is great if we have all the facts and the overview to make them count; used all the time but what is our success rate?
  • stupid thinking - letting the hair down thinking can be useful to brainstorm ideas, but don't rely upon it solely
  • out of box thinking - gives a new or different perspective to affairs and can solve intractable issues or problems
  • thinking in type - is where we use our standard and usual thinking processes, without attempting other 'out of box' type thinking
  • the magic of positive thinking - is indeed great, but we don't always feel that good or feel that spark
  • introverted thinking - where we keep thoughts to ourselves; can both be useful or counterproductive (if outside help or influence is ignored or deflected)

Thinking for a change

How can we improve on our thinking processes? Some possible rules
  • Keep a clear head
  • Keep your own counsel
  • Know that things can be as simple as 2 + 2 = 4
  • Know your own mind
  • Know your own capabilities
  • Try to keep some clarity of thought
  • Don't let yourself get easily sidetracked
  • Don't get despondent and then just select the seemingly best thought around at the time
Thought maybe your thing or you may hate it.

Letting your thoughts go off on a whirl, daydreaming by any name, is fine every now and again. And it can help clear the air, opening up new ideas, possibilities or opportunities.

At times it is the only thing you can do. Feeling takes you so far, but at times you need a combination of mind and spirit. Of thought and feeling. Of analysis and intuition.

Consider the process. Try to improve yours. You will need to use it a great deal in life so you may as well get good at it!

It needs to be calm, efficient and productive.

But,in your heart, you need to know that you can keep it all together.

I hope that you found this article useful. Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

All best,

Martin W

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