Timely Goals - Achieve At The Right Time For You

Timely goals. Sounds OK, but we want things now - right? In a timely fashion rolls off the tongue but we get impatient.

But timely wins the day. When things happen in their own time - with a little help from us - we can look back and see that our life is really working out and advancements are being made. And that we are maturing and improving into the person we have always wanted to be.

Being timely

The setting of timely goals is a natural step in the SMART setting goal process. With time we are now focusing on making our target or aim come true in our life.

After all if we are uncertain about when our goal might be achieved then the whole process is put in doubt. The success of specifying our target or aim, discovering how we can measure progress, seeing that we can attain or achieve our goal and understanding that our goal is a realistic one, could all be in vain if we don't set some time constraints upon the whole process.

The SMART process

SMART is a really useful process by which we can clarify our aim and ensure that it is not only what we want but that we can achieve it and within a realistic time frame. The setting of timely goals is step five in this process.

SMART stands for

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely

follow the links to find out more about this approach to goal setting and how it can change your life.

Is our goal timely?

  • What do we mean by this? That our goal
  • will be achieved at or within a suitable time
  • will not suffer from a premature conclusion
  • will occur at the appropriate time
  • will be a well-timed accomplishment
  • will arrive right on queue
  • will be proper and timely
  • will be opportune
  • will be met at a reasonable and suitable time

That our goal will occur at the right time for us and our progress through life is often a very important consideration when we set our goals.

What would make for an appropriately timed goal?

What is appropriate in regard to timely goals?

  • the timing would seem suitable in relation to the other things we are doing in our life
  • our goal fits in with other events and happenings in our life
  • its accomplishment would seem correct and appropriate and fit in with our value system
  • the timely nature would be relevant to our life path and direction
  • how applicable is your goal to your overall life purpose?
  • is your goal pertinent knowing the background to the rest of your life?
  • do you feel privileged by the way you are tackling this goal or the way you selected it or it selected you?
  • can you devote the time and energy to the project you have set yourself?
  • the target and the effort to reach your target will not deplete your energy reserves to a dangerous level?
  • do you feel that you will have to 'withhold' yourself from another area of your life to complete this venture, to capture this prize?

will you use this goal to lift you out of a rut or lull in your life - so are you expecting too much from this venture?

How opportune is your goal

  • is it a welcome addition to the life you lead and the direction you are taking?
  • how well does it fit into the rest of your life and your plans?
  • do you feel it is a suitable use of your time?
  • does it arrive at a convenient juncture in your life - or is that not relevant?
  • do you feel fortunate to now have this opportunity?
  • how happy does this venture make you feel?
  • did luck play a part in having this opportunity or will you rely on luck to bring home your prize?
  • is it fortuitous how events have come together or do you feel there is a greater design?
  • will completing this goal put you in an advantageous position from which you can build even greater successes?

is there some magic at play or that you may sense something special happening in your life? are you grateful for this opportunity?

What makes your goal timely?

In setting timely goals you would

  • want to complete your task within a preset time frame
  • want to set the urgency by which you tackle your goal
  • want to set the intensity of effort you wish to apply to your task
  • want to assess your progress against the time frame you have set
  • want to assess the repercussions of your success
  • want to set a deadline for the achievement of your goal
  • want to set milestones on your path to your deadline
  • want to make the most of your time and effort

What would make it untimely?

For example

  • not being able to set a deadline - you may want to re look at your goal, and maybe make it more specific
  • not coming at a good time in your life
  • not fitting in with other aspects of your life
  • not feeling good when putting the effort in
  • believing you could spend your time better elsewhere

Avoid these and you will be setting timely goals - for you.

Leave room for your subconscious to play its part

Leave a little room in your life for a little magic to play its part. To move your life in an unexpected direction or in a surprising way. Do not try to pin everything down. Leave a little room for grace in your life.

Leave a little bit of room for life to weave it's magic. Trust yourself and life. Believe in life, believe in yourself.

Then you can let go and make the most of your time and effort in reaching your timely goals.

AND we can look at our SMART aims and see that it can happen for us

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely

follow the links to find out more about this approach to goal setting and how it can change your life.

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