Being Trustful But Alert Is A Good Combination

You see the good side of life

To be trustful is to believe in, support and be comforted by the innate goodness and integrity of people.

What this need not make us is

  • simple and prone to believing anything or anyone
  • unsuspecting of deceit or wrong doing
  • innocent of the ways and the wiles of the world
  • overly optimistic, always seeing the best, never doubting for a second, trust to the point most may not see
  • prone to naivety and falling for any scam or bright idea
  • confiding in all and sundry and not using a sensible vetting or selection procedure
  • gullible and falling for anything and everything
  • unwary or unguarded in actions or relations

To be accepting by nature is a good attribute - but be sensible.

Best to back it up by having your eyes open and senses alert.

It is a pity that it need be this way.

All best,

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