Unsociable Is The Person Who Avoids Company For The Sake Of It

Avoiding others . . .

Being unsociable - is that really your aim?

To be unfriendly but why? Do we not need the support, assistance and companionship of others?

To be cold and withdrawn and avoiding other people. We may feel they have something to hide or that they are a cold fish. Meaning that they seem to resent the intrusion of others in their lives.

To be hostile and unfriendly. To put yourself first and pursue the avoidance of others to an extreme. Does not endear them to others. And if they do later seek help they may find it hard to find.

To be introverted. Well that can be fine. We all take time to get to know other people. To be happy in one's own company is fine, to make a point of being unsociable may be taking it a bit too far.

To be reclusive is not the sole domain of the rich recluse. We may all feel this way from time to time.

To be inhospitable is to be rude, often for no good reason. Which may well rub other people up the wrong way.

To be standoffish and private will not do at parties but they are probably avoided anyway.

To be un-forthcoming when asked something may not mean too much - but it could . . .

To be chilly and distant when around other people marks one out as a non team player. Which will not help when a cooperative effort is required.

Avoiding the company of others has many permutations. It may just mean that one needs rest and relaxation away from the hub bub of life. But it can also have a darker less inviting side to it.

If you practice this know where you stand.

All best,

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