Let The Warmth Of Life Enable And Support You In Life

How is life for you? Do you feel the warmth that life has for us all, or is that really only a figment of imagination? Something seen in the movies but not in real life?

How do you see each day developing? Is it one long adventure or just one long slog, from one haphazard event to the next?

How do you view the day? Are you looking forward to the myriad of possibilities or just seem water-logged by the whole thing, and wishing someone would turn off the tap of opportunities and just give you one or two - from which it would be that much easier to choose or decide?

How is today for you?

You may view today as another in a long string of disparate and disconnected experiences, seemingly without end. There may seem to be no rhyme nor reason to what is happening in your life, and you had forgotten about this possibility anyway.

You had forgotten past times when harmony and contentment seemed to reign. For now you seem to be buffeted by the winds of life, this way and that, and wondering what is going to happen next.

Or maybe life is rich and full for you. Life has friendship and companionship. Life has love and joy. Life has satisfaction and comfort. Not all the time maybe, but sufficient to know and realize that life is no bad thing. It is an adventure that you are in.

You are the leading player in your play. You don't have a script but nonetheless life has a thread, life seems to have a definite path for you. For you to discover today. And tomorrow.

Events may come and events may go, but there is a constant in your life. You. But more than that, there is a feeling of belonging. A feeling of being in the right place and at the right time.

This is not smugness or arrogance on your part. Rather a well seated and long felt feeling that life has much in store for you to uncover and enjoy. For you to find out about. For you to explore yourself. But also for you to explore this world and the wonders that abound.

And in this exploration you will feel the warmth of life. You will feel the power of life. You will share and be a part of this experience.

You feel at one with yourself. You feel at home in your life. Not all things go your way, but that does not matter. You may not be wealthy, but you are rich in life experience. You may not have fame, but you have the accomplishments that you have worked for.

You are comfortable with yourself. Happy in your own skin. Your self image is good, and you respect and accept yourself. And these feelings are important to you.

And as another day dawns and you become aware of another day in your life, you give thanks for your good fortune. You give thanks for the gifts that you have received.

You feel fortunate and you are more than willing to give something back, in your own way and your own time. Contribute something.

Life is good. Life is warmth and experience, contentment and satisfaction. You happily meet the warmth of another day . . .

The power of words . . .

I strongly feel that words have a place in our lives. As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Too gently and slowly impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this warmth page has this effect. If we just remember that words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

I now feel the warmth of sun's rays
I feel life's warmth and it does me amaze
my heart soars, my life ablaze
on life I cannot avert my gaze

My spirits life does each day raise
me to new limits, and not just a phase
I am going through as it far outweighs
all experienced before, I can just sing its praise

Life gives me great comfort
I am happy I put in the effort
and good things for me they do assert
that life is real, rich, now I am fully alert

This is a loving feeling
no longer is it so baffling
that it is to me happening
I cannot help but continue beaming

Upon what am I my life basing
firm foundations, values and principles adding
more and more each day and aiding
my efforts to fulfill my potential are enlightening

And spur me onto see more of life's blessing
I can sit back and spontaneously start cheering
and the grace of life I cannot stop thanking
life is such a wonderful and meaningful feeling

I feel so emotional
will anything me befall
I am in life for the long haul
not to be wrapped up in mothball

There is much in life to enthrall
and to my heart much to call
me to greater effort and install
in me confidence, motivation, I love it all

I can see how fond of this you are
you leave life's door ever ajar
wanting always to raise the bar
nothing seems to be off your radar

You seem to me to be a star
you always are raising your crossbar
always striving not content with par
in the moment, each moment you just are

Thank you for being so tender
this is real no need to shelter
with my values I have an anchor
could life get any better

I ask myself here and now
life does so much and does allow
me to feel its richness and does endow
me with beauty, love, joy, all at once somehow

All best,

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