What Dreams Mean And Show That You Want More From This Life - Go Claim Them!

What dreams mean? When you dream of a better life you believe you can do it. You can achieve more, become more. It is important to believe in what you want and to put the effort in to accomplish that, too.

Becoming a critical thinker about life helps you to pinpoint what is important to you. Do not let these dreams be like a pricked balloon, with the air fizzling out. The balloon loses its air and goes out of control. If you don't work for your dreams then you can equally feel disoriented, and de-energized. Wondering what is really happening and can you trust yourself again.

This page is not about sleeping dreams, rather this page is about the dreams and goals we all have in order to improve our lot in life.

Becoming a critical thinker

Becoming a critical thinker helps to set you apart. Looking at life and reflecting on your experiences is not something (mores the pity) that everybody does. When you look at your life in a critical but fair manner, you are telling life that you are taking it seriously.

Life has this habit of answering this call by opening up new or further opportunities for advancement in experience and understanding. You still have to play your part in standing up and being counted and putting the effort in to achieve what you want, but life opens up new avenues and new horizons for you.

When you develop the self confidence to take life on, then you are taking another step towards helping your dreams to come true.

What dreams mean is that you have the self esteem, respect and acceptance to believe in something better. And remember, if you can think it you can achieve it.

Believe you can do it

Believe you can do it, that you can make your dreams come true. This gives you the energy and resolve to accomplish more than ever before.

Do you have any dreams? And I don't mean when you sleep at night.

You have goals. Targets. Objectives. Pet projects. Does not matter what you call them.

You can see things in the future and would like to help make them happen. Other things you would best avoid.

You see what others can do and get inspired. Get motivated.

Believe in what you want

What dreams mean is that you should believe in what you want. Provided what you want does not detract from what is the common good, what is good for your fellow human being, then believe in that and go out and work for it. If you just believe, what is not possible for you?

But you have your own ideas. Your own targets. Your own turning points. Your own off and on switch(es).

Only you can do it for you. You may share the time, the space, the experience. But only you stand in your shoes. No one else.

And you are therefore responsible. Responsible for you and what you do. What you achieve. The effort you put in.

Whether you revel in having an off day. A day away from the diet. Away from the strict regime you have set yourself - in whatever area it may be.

A time for you, to just do what you want to do.

But then you get back on track. And it feels good, oh so good.

It feels natural. It feels that your time is special and precious. And you were meant to be doing this.

That is good. That is great. It will help inspire you. Help you when the hurdles or obstacles appear, as they surely will.

But you will have momentum. Your ball of snow, that you started on the upslope, has not gotten bigger and is over the rise. And on the way down into the next valley.

And your project, your activity, your dream, gathers pace, too. As you go along. As you near the prize.

You may be diverted at times. You may be distracted, but your focus is kept. It is there hidden in the background, just waiting for you come and play once more.

And so you do.

What dreams mean

What dreams mean is that you have the aspirations and ambitions for a better and more encompassing life, along with the whole of the human race.
And you have the advantage now of knowing you can do it. The first steps are way behind you. Difficulties have come and gone. The days (or the weeks) of effort have gotten you to your present situation.

And just those last few steps - and you have it.

You savor the moment. To enjoy the experience. The moment is yours. Become what you are, what you really are.

But in the back of your mind you move on. Further dreams are gelling together for you to go after.

What dreams mean is that you don't stop when you achieve something.

You enjoy this moment but know that it is but a stepping stone in your path of life.

Being and becoming are now a real part of your life.

And you continue on your quest in life. Happy to be you. Happy and grateful for the opportunity.

Happy to be.

I hope that you found this article useful. Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

All best,

Martin W

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