What Is Self Motivation? - The Force Behind Your Actions

What is self motivation? It is key to the enjoyment of life. We can either sit and do nothing or we can get involved in life.

A crucial element

Self-motivation is a crucial element in getting the most out of life. What gets us up and moving. Trying, striving, stumbling, getting up, driving forward, achieving? Our self-motivation. We see something we like, need or want and we go for it. What self motivates us? Partly that which we go for and partly ourselves. We provide the enthusiasm, the effort, the thought, the impetus that kicks us into action.

What does it take

What does it take to self motivate ourselves and utilize this energy, this force? What is self motivation? A few simple changes can get us on the road to success:

  • Balance in life - between work, home, rest and play. If you want something, sometimes you need to simplify other areas of your life
  • Leave the unnecessary behind. Our emotions affect our behaviour and affect our ability to succeed. Go for what you want and then make it happen
  • Concentrate. Look at what you are doing, need to do. List your decisions, tasks, goals. This brings them into view. Prioritize them. Make some decisions. Set your tasks and goals. Work your plan.
  • Do what you can. Seek help or assistance if required. Don't believe you can do everything yourself
Getting organised is run of the first rungs of the ladder of self-motivation to your success.

What is self motivation - inspiration or perspiration?

So, which is it? Inspiration or Perspiration? Self-empowerment and self-motivation? Remember all the brilliant examples of the successful and famous. Those people who went through the wringer of perspiration and effort, sparked by their inspiration, belief and vision. That one day their idea, invention, book, whatever - could become a reality. Their trials and tribulations. Their successes, setbacks, rejections and failures. Yet they kept faith with themselves. They maintained their self confidence. They utilized their positive mental attitude. Their self-motivation a key. They kept on going, when most would have walked away, and made their 'little' bit of history.

Belief in yourself is so precious. Respect yourself also. Utilize your talents supported by your values. Believe in your sense of self worth. Be disciplined. Set goals. Adopt the behaviour of the successful person you are.

Follow in their footsteps.

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have it? If not find something you can use it for. What might that be? Your enthusiasm.

Be passionate about what you want. Live your dream. Add your personal talents, values, enthusiasm and energy to the mix. And see what you can be motivated to do - both for you, your life and the world in general. Is that what self-motivation is?

What propels you?

So what helps you. What propels you towards your success. Self-motivation is the key. Combine this with the three Ps. Patience, perseverance and persistence. Backed up by the big E and W - effort and work. And see what you can achieve.


When can you do it? Don't wait for the New Year and that resolution that is so hard to keep. Start right now.

Sign up (with yourself) to your personal path, for your personal journey to what you want. And where you want to be.

What do you want?

So, what is it you want? That's the 64 dollar question. That's where honest self assessment can help. Delve into yourself to find out what you truly want. What rocks your boat.

Look inside yourself. Discover your passion. Recognize and use your strengths, your talents. They may well point the way. Discover what you want. What do you really want to go for? What really means something to you?

Commit. Commit yourself to your goal. And you have started your journey to your happiness and fulfilment.

Remember that life is an adventure. Become an active signed up member of your personal safari. Bring to the table your personality, your image, your strengths, your self worth. And bring your motivation to realize your true potential.


So, what is self motivation? In life are their impossibilities? No. Only possibilities - if we believe so. Motivate yourself. Trust yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Appreciate your life.

With self motivation what can you not achieve?

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