Inflated Self Worth - Ensure It Is Healthy And Productive

Inflated self worth gives us a false impression of both our worth and our abilities. It can help to present a false picture of us to the world and the people around us. Whether this is by choice or not the repercussions can be the same, though the resolution may well be different.

So what happens when we have inflated self worth?

Our self worth can be

  • increased in a healthy manner
  • increased in an unhealthy (inflated) manner

When it is a healthy increase then all can be well. We feel good about ourselves and happy with our efforts in life. We have a healthy self image. Our self esteem is good and our confidence and motivation in life runs parallel with these good feelings. We try harder and achieve more. Life is good.

When the increase is an inflation - when we have inflated self worth - but with poor support warning bells should ring. This can be a transitory increase in self worth. It appears real but does not have the real support of good honest effort and well earned accomplishment.

This false and inflated self worth leads us to try things we would otherwise not try, think things we would otherwise not consider, say things we would do well to reconsider or retract. All may appear well but a tricky and untrustworthy period may be happening in our life. We would do well to take stock and re-evaluate what is happening in our life.

False increase in self-worth

Our self worth can be falsely increased as it were. Something happens that leads us to think we have done well or that we are doing well. Or the situation or our perception is talked up, either by us or others.

So inflated self worth can be

  • exaggerated beyond what is normal
  • excessively blown out of proportion to its true value, but seen as real - and that is the deception
  • swollen and in need of delicate treatment
  • amplified by events, when it could return to normal or continue on its merry upward route
  • hyped up and out of synch with the rest of our life
  • exalted and way beyond normality for us
  • overblown - and we should wait, the situation precipitous before a possible fall

False self worth is counter productive. While we may feel it helps us along, actually it hinders us and sets us up for a fall. Beware its silky and slippery affects on both us and the life we lead.

Results of false self worth

Common sense can tell us the results of false self worth. Inflated self worth can

  • make us feel we can achieve anything
  • make us feel we can do anything
  • make us feel that we are superior
  • make us feel that can ignore our common sense and intuition
  • make us arrogant and unwilling to listen to reason

For what can we not achieve or accomplish - or so we think.

Led away . . .

False self worth can take us away from quiet and still waters and into choppy seas. How we deal with this is our choice. Deal well and we can return to friendly waters. Deal selfishly or without thought, or without due consideration, and our route can become more tortuous by the moment. And we can end up far away from 'land' where we would feel at home and comfortable.

And the way back . . .

We need to take stock and

  • consider how we got we where we are
  • give thought to the consequences of our actions
  • take guidance from those we trust
  • swallow our pride if the need arises
  • look at our attitudes and behavior

And be realistic about our life - how we live, what we do.

Real increase

When we work hard and achieve. When we give as well as take. When we contribute without thought or consequence. In all these cases our self worth can increase. And what is the harm in that?

If dealt with reasonably and taken in due proportion to life and our activities and the way we feel - then that increase can be fine. It can be good, wholesome and healthy. It can spur us on to real progress in our life.

Results of increased self worth

Several are the results of a healthy increase in self worth.

  • We can be motivated to perform at or above our (presumed) capabilities
  • We can see an increase in confidence and want to achieve more
  • We can set more goals and be spurred to greater efforts
  • We can view ourselves with increased self respect and self acceptance
  • We can see ourselves in a fresh light - full of optimism and excitement

We can accept ourselves for the person we really are.

Into the future - our future . . .

Let us do ourselves a favor and realistically evaluate ourselves. How we are, how we think, what we do.

Let us build and maintain a healthy sense of self worth. Let us tackle life in the manner and way we would like. Let us give and take from life in equal measure.

Let us chase our dreams and goals in life.

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