Low Self Worth - Is Not Giving Yourself The Respect You Deserve

Low self worth is a scourge of our time. To not feel worthy is to not do ourselves justice. It may lead us to set our ceiling too low in life. Poor self-worth may inhibit our enjoyment in life. We may not achieve all the things we could or should in life.

What is the upshot of decreased self worth?

If we have poor self-worth what can that really mean for us? What affect will this have on our life?

We may find ourselves lacking the belief to fulfill our expectations in life. If we think we are unproductive, unworthy, then that may be how things pan out for us in life. Low self worth can affect our lives.

What about every day affairs?

With low self worth affect how will we tackle each day? Will our poor sense of worth come home to roost?

  • we may find it hard to summon up the enthusiasm to tackle life
  • we may find it difficult to push ourselves when the need arises
  • we may find it easy to sit back in the corner and await events
  • we may find it uncomfortable if we find ourselves the center of attention
  • we may find it easier to follow other people's lead - even when we perhaps are doubtful of their intentions
  • we may find life is a little more difficult than we would like
  • we may find ourselves doubting our abilities
  • we may find ourselves finding fault in others and situations to try to take the spot light off ourselves

Low self worth can detract from our life - knowledge of that is the first step to improving our image of ourselves.

Can we change this state of affairs?

This feeling of decreased self worth may be longstanding or of recent creation. Can we stem or alter the flow? Why not?

Why can we not feel differently about ourselves? Is that an impossibility? No. But we mush be aware that the cause or the duration may not make it an easy situation to reverse. We can reverse a low self worth trend.

What can we do?

We can change. It may take effort. It may take commitment. It may require determination.

We have to make a sea-change in our thinking. Our self perception must change. Our self acceptance must increase.Our self respect must increase. We must start viewing ourselves in a healthy light. We must start to feel more comfortable with ourselves.

Positive self talk

We need to stem that flow of negative self talk. We need to start seeing ourselves in a good light.We need to start some personal and positive self talk. We need to stop putting ourselves down and start to boost ourselves up. We need to enhance ourselves to the level that we should be at - our natural and worthy level of respect and acceptance.

We should ignore others who put us down. We should cherish those who help us and support us. We should be grateful for those who assist us and aid us in life. (And in our own turn repay the favor when we can.)

Are we different from others?

Actually we all are different, yet we are all the same at the same time. If only life were easy and straightforward.

But just think. Turn this situation around. Start to appreciate and accept yourself. Increase your self respect. Start to believe you can do things. Start to appreciate what we do in life.

Realize and understand

We need to realize that we are worthy of our respect and that of others. We need to understand that we can accept ourselves as we are. We can be proud of who we are and what we do.

Let us believe in ourselves and march forward positively. Let us make our contribution to life and enhance our life and that of others at the same time. In that way we can leave our low self worth behind and claim our place in life.

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