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We all wish to improve, to experience self improvement. But what does this mean to us? Is it any different than self development, discussed elsewhere on these web pages?

Self? Or personal?

So, under self development, we have looked at what the self is about. And we will be looking at how the self differentiates from the personal (be it personal improvement or personal development). But the self. What is there to improve? What does improvement involve or entail?

The self. Again we are looking at our being, our very self. Our core. Our core elements of identity. Our character. Our ego. And how they could interact to make us, the whole. Our self improvement.

How we are different from others, and also how we change over time - how we now differ from the person we were just a week ago, let alone five years ago. How we view ourselves - how we relate to our 'myself', our 'own' life, and our 'us'. Are we part of this us we talk about, or do we feel apart?

Then there is our person, our self. Meaning the personality, traits and psyche. Yet our personality, our traits, our psyche - to bring it right back to home for us.So to improve our self is an interesting idea, concept. An interesting plan. Yet we can make it much more than a plan. We can make it a reality. We can make it real for us. Bring things right back to base. Our base. Our life. Our life we are living. How to improve on that. Our experience. Our fulfillment. Our satisfaction. Our enjoyment. Our self improvement.

To improve

Improve. Another interesting word. Used a lot, but understood? Certainly, I have enjoyed and learned and discovered much in researching and writing these web pages. Getting back to basics is often a good idea. Looking at the fundamentals. Looking at what we mean, and what things mean to us. Seeing what we really mean by something. Is this not to improve our understanding, to improve ourselves? But I digress. Back to discussing our self improvement ...

Enhancing and uplifting

To improve self. Obviously similar to develop, yet different at the same time. To improve, to amend, to correct and to develop. But more. To augment, cultivate. To elevate, to enhance. To lift, to upgrade, to uplift. So to improve is definitely a very uplifting experience, or at least should be for us. Not just a ritual. Not just a chore. Not just work. Not just mandatory or compulsory. But meaningful. Uplifting both ourselves and our outlook on life. To raise us to another level. But not a competition, us against (any) other. But raise us, for us. To elevate our experience. To elevate our game. Our experience of life, its activities, our time with those activities. But also our time with ourselves.

Is there, can there be more?

So, self improvement is uplifting. But there can be more to self-improvement. More still. (And why not. This life is important to us. We want to enjoy it. We want a lot. Satisfaction. Contentment. But also excitement, to feel our time here is being well used. To feel that we are making real progress. To feel that life is really there for us. To have joy in our lives. To feel joy. To be happy. To be happy with life. Our experience of life. Our contribution to life. Well, that's a fair amount anyway!) So what more could there be?

What more?

What more from our self improvement? To help mend things for us. Mend what? Mend bridges broken between us and others. To cement the bridges within ourselves. The necessary connections that we have, should have, but from time to time bend and fracture. Those connections within that tie in our mind with our heart. Our heart with our spirit. Our spirit with our mind. And throw our brain in the mix, too.

Give ourselves time

But if need to mend, like any cut or abrasion, then we need time to recover or recuperate. And our self improvement can do with this element also. Time for ourselves. Time by ourselves. Time to just be. Being with us. Being with our self. Time to just be.

To experience the wholeness and completeness which is us. To feel that within that life always intended. A soft, quiet experience that is also rich, rewarding and fulfilling at the same time.

Improvement is meaningful

So, this self improvement lark is amounting to something after all then. And we knew it would. 'How could it not?' we say. And not just when we are up and life is definitely happening for us, and the balls or life are really going straight and true into their pockets (sorry for the snooker/pool analogy!), but life is good and true, satisfying and rich.

Not just during the bright, light and carefree times. But during darker times too improvement has its place. To strengthen us. To advance us along our track or path. To ameliorate our hurt. To edify our spirit and mind. To enrich our experience. Oh, we need it and it can be there for us, too.

Ever more

So, onward and upward. From our very foundations to the highest parts of our life. Both internal and external. Both real and true, not imagined and fanciful.

And our determination and resolve

And what of our resolve to improve. To dedicate the time and effort required to make any progress, let alone the progress that we've always dreamed of, but don't quite believe will ever happen for us. Yet if our heart is in it. And our mind is focused. Our spirit clear and motivating, real and felt, strong and encompassing, then we can achieve. We can improve.

We can be lifted from any starting point, in any direction, in any way. Able to make strides like never before. To make inroads on deep seated as well as surface concerns, ideas, problems and joyful actions. With equal fortitude. With equal action. With equal effort and achievement.

And what can we improve? Which aspects of our self can benefit?


Nothing too much for us. Our heart is true and our goal healthy and wholesome. And that we remember to contribute ourselves to the greater good. Not just take but to give. Not just to experience but to share. Not just to be content but to communicate that contentment and live from that experience.

To be a shining light for ourselves in life. That truly makes the most of this life and our part in it. That is self improvement indeed.

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