Poor Self Image - Let The Real You Shine Through

A poor self image does us no favors. We live our life. We try to make the most of things. It puts us on the back foot.

And why? Poor, poor, poor is the name of the game. Poor self esteem. Low self confidence. Poor level of self respect. Low sense of self worth. Difficult to get motivated. All in all, a poor self image. And so it goes on ...

An inside-to-outside influence

Overcoming a negative self image will take time. But we can do it. And remember, how we see ourselves is how others and the world will see us. And what we are is really an inside-to-outside affair. The inside, and how we feel and think, influences the 'external us'. We need to think about ourselves and our identity in positive terms. Replace the negative with healthy (and natural) positive. Start to see ourselves in a new light. The beginning of the end for our poor self image?

But what we need is not a quick fix. Not a short-term fix. We need a long-term solution. We want (and need) to believe in ourselves. We want (and need) to respect ourselves.

Put the steps and effort in

We need to slowly improve the way we feel about ourselves and the way we see ourselves. It is building from our foundations up. And one (good) step at a time.

We build up one block. Look and see it is good. Others agree and support our view of this block. Then add another block. Feel good about that. Get reassurance from others.

And we are on our way. Motivated to put another block into place. Confidence improving - that we like what we have done so far. We are proud of what we have achieved. And others support this belief of ours.

On the road to recovery

We are feeling (a little) better about ourself. Ready to put in another block (of our life). On the road to recovery. We are making sound progress. Not too quick. Not too slow. And it feels good. Feels right.


We are making inroads. We can overcome our negative image. We are making good and solid effort and reaping some rewards. We can see the foundations slowly building up. Good solid foundations. Walls being put in place. Solid 'block work'. Putting our life together in small blocks, one step at a time. And it feels good. We can be justly proud.

Takes time

Overcoming a poor self-image is more than possible. But will take time and effort. Improving your self-image is worth the effort - the rewards are there for you. Your rewards, your life. Your enjoyment and experience of life being boosted, and with it your self esteem, and enhanced by you. And your efforts. A satisfying and rewarding experience.

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