Self Assessment - You Have A Duty To Evaluate Yourself

Self assessment is probably not something we regularly do. But why not, we may ask? How can we know how we fare in life if we don't use self assessment, and do it often?

Are we afraid?

What need we be afraid of? What is it that we feel we will find? What is there to fear?

  • Is looking at ourselves such a terrible thing?
  • Do we not know ourselves pretty well anyway?
  • What hidden ghosts will we find lurking within?
  • Do we not believe in ourselves?
  • Do we not trust ourselves?
  • Do we not respect ourselves sufficiently to at least look?
  • Do we not accept ourselves - warts and all?
  • Do we not wish to have greater awareness of our inner selves?

Assessing ourselves is a valuable pursuit.

Uncovering ourselves . . .

What might put us off this self exploration? What might stop us performing a self assessment?

  • Do we not have a healthy self image?
  • Are we not confident about the outcome?
  • Are we not motivated to discover more about ourselves
  • Is our esteem that fragile?
  • Will we not be able to face those near and dear to us?
  • Do we think we'll find our dark side?

The purpose of self assessing ourselves . . .

What reasons could we have to conduct an honest and fair assessment of ourselves? To find out

  • What we like
  • What we dislike
  • What we are good at
  • What we are not so good at
  • What we are motivated by and wish to achieve
  • What we tend to avoid because of difficulty or discomfort
  • What drives us forward
  • What hinders our progress
  • Why we behave the way we do
  • How disciplined we are
  • How in control we are
  • Whether we are growing and developing
  • Whether we are stagnating or even going backwards

So the aim is to uncover hidden truths about ourselves. Yes, in a way. But finding out little things about ourselves will help us in the long run, too.

Questions . . .?

But also we can question things about ourselves

  • What are our motives
  • What are our values
  • What are our virtues
  • What are our interests
  • What are our skills
  • What are our talents
  • What we can manage in life
  • What we should be managing in life
  • What we should be doing in life

In a nutshell - this process is about learning more about ourselves. Remember, to assess yourself is to do yourself a favor. Treat this process as if you are helping yourself and getting more out of life and you may end up enjoying it. (And, who knows, you may want to repeat it later, too.)

And what can we do with the results?

What can we find?

  • That all is well - and only a little tweak here and there is needed to improve things even more
  • That a little bit of attention is required
  • That we might need outside help to make changes or improvements

And, more specifically?

Some examples of things we may find out about ourselves:

  • Are we transparent, or do we keep a lot of things hidden - from ourselves and others?
  • Are we the person we thought we were?
  • Do we need to make some changes?
  • Do we need to change our focus?
  • Are we prioritizing the wrong things?
  • Are we spending too much time on ourselves?
  • Are we spending too much time trying to please others?
  • Do we need to communicate a bit more?
  • Do we need to give a bit more?
  • Do we need to contribute a bit more in life?
  • Do we need to share a little more in life?
  • Do we need to stop taking so much and give a little more?
  • Should we be looking for a little more meaning in our life?

And you can add to these with your own list of reasons for healthy self assessment.

Need we be worried?

Should we be worried by our findings? Probably not and that could only make things worse.

Let us not be too hard on ourselves. Remember that most people will not make the effort to analyze or evaluate themselves, or their life. So if you do this you are already ahead in the game of life.

And when you do any evaluation of yourself remember this is about you. Not about you and your best friend. Not about you and the best in the class. No, this is about you. How are YOU doing? What can you do to improve or change for the better? How can you make a small change to improve your life and what you do?

Making a difference . . .

You are trying to make a difference. Firstly in your own life and then letting that motivation, that energy, and that excitement help you to help others and contribute to the greater good.

And the gain

What are the benefits of an honest appraisal or self assessment?

  • To get the most out of yourself
  • To get the most out of your life
  • To live an enjoyable and satisfying life
  • To feel comfortable with yourself and your contribution to life
  • To respect and accept yourself
  • To have greater self awareness
  • To grow and develop as your life moves on

You want to really enjoy your life. You want to really enjoy yourself. You want to really make an impact in life - and an impact and contribution only you can make.

Welcome self assessment into your life - and discover more about yourself than ever before. Understand yourself better. Learn and re-learn any lessons you need - and you will be grabbing hold of life and making the most of each moment.

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