Self Image - Let This View Of Yourself Be Good And True

What is self image? How do we view ourselves? We ignore this at our peril. Why is that? It is our idea of ourselves. It needs to be healthy and positive. We suffer, and our lives also, if our image loses its sheen or lustre.

That monochrome look

In their day, black and white photographs were the bees knees - the hot thing at the time. The first televisions were technological masterpieces. Yet they were black and white. Monochrome if you will. Magnificient in their day, but now viewed against the latest colour and HD model would be seen as very dull, lacking in substance and depth. A very poor substitution.

If our self-image is only a poor monochrome representation of us how do you that think that would affect us? And our self esteem? Would we be confident about our look? Would we be motivated? Would we seek self development (even if we badly required it)? And how much for our self worth? How would we behave? Would we have a bright personality? Would we care for discipline or control?

These would be the effects of a very, very poor self-image - taken to the nth degree - and just a description of a hypothetical self image. Don't worry - no one would experience this in real life.

How about us?

But what do we all want? The reverse of the picture described above? The full Technicolor picture? Mega color? As colourful and full of life as possible? What an image that would be.

Somewhere in the middle

But that's not really necessary. A middle course would do us just nicely. We would not want the effects of over confidence and too high a level of self esteem (arrogance, overbearing nature, conceited and over assertive) to be our norm. What a off putting picture. Not the image of yourself you would want.

Our right

Is it not our birth right to live a contented, happy life? With a image of self to match. Is this not our right. And it is there, not for us to dream about, but for us to claim. And no act necessary. Our life, our right.

We just need to find ourselves. Find some purpose and meaning in our life. To make it all worthwhile.

And we're willing to put the effort into attaining this, aren't we? The motivation is there to get what is rightly ours. To feel good. To respect ourselves. To live the life we want (be it good and true).

To be happy. To have fun. To be productive. To respect ourselves. To respect others. To respect live. To do our level best.

And how?

Be positive. Get motivated. Be confident. Be yourself. Be disciplined. Be committed. Move forward and claim your life. Claim your rightful self image and place in life.

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