Self Worth - Our Chance To Respect Ourselves

Self worth is a much talked about commodity. Why is that? How we view ourselves affects how we live our life and what we do and how we do it. It is so important and precious. To feel that we are worthy is so important in our lives.

What does it do?

What can we manage if we have a healthy and positive sense of self worth? We feel good about ourselves. We feel very comfortable in life and with ourselves. We accept ourselves and realize the importance of that small statement.

Feeling good

When we feel good about ourselves we can attempt things we would otherwise not attempt. We can achieve things we would otherwise not have achieved. We see opportunities that otherwise might have been missed. We see hurdles as challenges to be overcome. We see new activities as exciting new adventures. We meet each day as a new part of our journey through life. We see the path we are taking in life as part of a greater whole. We wish to contribute to life to the best of our abilities. Our self worth is on an upward trend.

Viewing ourselves

How should we view ourselves? Should we view ourselves from the outside looking in or the inside looking out? We really make progress when we realize that true acceptance of ourselves can only come from within ourselves. While we can seek the approval of others, the approval we give ourselves is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

What is it like to feel worthy?

What do we look for to feel worthy? What do we look at to feel worthy? What is our self worth?

  • Do we look to our achievements?
  • Do we look to our accomplishments?
  • Do we look at the things we attempt?
  • Do we look at the affects we have on others and the world we live in?
  • Do we look at how we do things?
  • Do we consider why we do things?

And how do we look at ourselves?

In what vein do we look at ourselves? How can we go about teaching worth?

  • Do we look at ourselves with a harsh critical eye?
  • Do we have unreasonable expectations?
  • Do we deal with ourselves as we would deal with another?
  • Do we believe, without question, the thoughts of others about ourselves?
  • Do we deal with ourselves as with a trusted friend?
  • Do we deal with ourselves in a positive, comforting and supportive way?

How do we view our thoughts about ourselves? How do we look at and evaluate ourselves?

Should we view our worth in such basic terms?

Is not our life and our worth above such things? Are we not really special? Are we not unique? Are we not an individual in our own way, our own right? A special being?

A privilege

Is it not a privilege to be us?

  • To live our life
  • To do the things we do
  • To experience the things we experience
  • To enjoy the process of life
  • To make our mark on life
  • To make our contribution to life and the world we live in
  • To have a positive and healthy sense of self-worth

To live this life and receive life's blessings - what more could we wish for?

Rating ourselves

Do we not rate ourselves as we would dancers in a competition? Good at this, not so good at that. And should we stop doing that thing we enjoy - 'cause we are so painfully poor at it'? Are we that critical of ourselves?

Or should we give ourselves a break and go a little easy and be the better for it?

Are we worthy?

Do we not know that we are worthy?

  • That we are making a valuable contribution
  • That we would be missed if we moved on
  • That we are special in our own right
  • That no one does things quite like us
  • That no one can make the contribution that we can make
  • That no on can do the things we do - in the way that we can do them

What makes that difference?

What can really make the difference in our life?

  • if we understood life and our part a little better
  • if we believed in ourselves just that little bit more
  • if we realized who we are moment by moment
  • if we valued ourselves
  • if we trusted ourselves
  • if we became more self aware

Real self worth

Self-worth comes from truly valuing ourselves. It comes from liking ourselves and the contributions we make. It comes from being confident in ourselves and the things we do and the input to life we make. And our involvement in life for the benefit of all.

If we are in 'take' mode we can find self worth an illusory thing. If we are in a give and contribute mode we find that life can really come together. And come together in quite unexpected and exciting ways.

Our right

It is our right to have a healthy and solid sense of our own self worth. While we can look to others to bolster our efforts and our achievements, it is down to us to see that we are worthy. Not only worthy of our friends attentions and support, but also worthy of our own best efforts and self regard.

We need to respect ourselves and the efforts we make. We need to respect ourselves for who we are and what we represent. We need to feel comfortable within our own skins. We need to be in synch with life. We need to feel that we are doing our level best - and that little bit more.

When we feel at home with ourselves and our contribution to life, then we will feel worthy of all that life will send our way. And we will be in good shape to take full advantage of our opportunities, both for ourselves and the world around us.

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